Once we were back in the Vaal I dropped my wife at hometold her that I have to be somewhere but I will be back before she knows it truth was I had to see my aunt I need her to take care of this voice I heard I don't want to ignore it or else I will go crazy or I might scare my wife away.

I drove to Sharpville as fast asI could when I arrived at her house she was standing at the door as if she was expecting me. I got off my car and went inside the yard and we both hugged.

Me:I thought I won't find you .

Her:I knew that you were coming. I had a vision about you.everything is ready in the bathroom you may go in

Me:what will I be without you?

Her:nothing you Won't be nothing.

I laughed and went to the bathroom the bath tub was already filled with water that had muti  that looked like old dry tree leaves and she was burning a sage for me. I got in the bath and soaked my body.

I closed my eyes and my mind dated back to the day I killed my fiance Tshepiso

the bath tub was already filled with water that had muti  that looked like old dry tree leaves and she was burning a sage for me. I got in the bath and soaked my body.

I closed my eyes and my mind dated back to the day I killed my fiance TshepisoI love her so much I would lay my own life down to protect her but however she was leaving meshe was tired of me controlling her and keeping tabs on her. She was a career woman and she wouldn't resign she loved her job and that was problem for me cause she worked a lot with male people and my insecurities got the better of me. 

The day she was leaving me was the day she died. I could vividly see myself strangling the life out of her there was no way she was going to be loved by another man besides me if I couldn't have her no one would have her. She begged me to relise her but the beast in me wouldn't barge. I punched her a lot of times until she couldn't fight no more after that I strangled her till her last breath once she was out of breath that's when I realised that she was dead how I got rid of her body its the story of another day. She is not the only girl who died on my hands 3 other girls also died on my hands.

Me: Tshepiso Tumahole ha moya was hao o robale ka kgotso. Ne kisa ikemisetsa ho bolaya kopa o robale o phomole moo oleng teng.(may your soul rest in peace I didn't mean to kill you but wherever you are please rest in peace)

I washed my body while talking to the water it said that you should talk with water and command the spirit that is troubling you to go away and eventually you will be at peace.





Being home was a bit of a relief I missed my house a little and I did enjoy Sun city. I cleaned the house then took a bath so I can cook for my husband. While I was in the kitchen something fell from our bedroom I rushed to check what it was and it was just a book that fell from the shelve. I picked it up and a picture of a beautiful lady came out. I turned it around and it was written"I am sorry for what I did" I was confused. Dikgetho has never mentioned his ex girlfriends and if she is her ex girlfriend then why is he keeping her picture?

I went back to the kitchen to carry on with what I was doing and my friend Nola called me.


Her:hey skatie how was Sun city?

Me:it was lit it was everything good.

Her:mhm can't wait to see the pictures so did you use the lingerie I bought you?

Me:oh yes I did and he ripped it off.

Him:he is the beast. So what's this I hear from dragon Lady?

Me:what did she say?.

Her:you resigned.but why babe?did you get another job?

Me: no I didn't get another job just that I dont want to be a waitress all my life.

Her:I know that babes but you didnt get another better job .did he tell you to resign?

Me:yes he did

Her:he is controlling you now.why do you let him?

Me:Nola please he is not controlling me.

Her:listen tomorrow am coming at your house we must talk.

Me:ok fine come and dont come with Lerato.

Her:ok I wont .





After the session of soaking my body with herbs I wrapped my lower body with the towel and went to one of the other rooms my aunt has. She used something very oily on my body this will protect me from all evil forces and unresting spirits.

Her: please dont let Vumile make you angry dont allow her to provoke you.

Me:yes rakgadi.

Her: dont raise your hand at her please my boy.

Me:I promise I wont.

Her:and the bedroom business any problems?like do you want to be rough on her?

Me:no that is all well I do make love to her .

Her:thats good.now you know the drill when it comes to drinking pitsa akere?

Me: yes 3 cups everyday and it will keep my demons on the leash

Her: good boy now go back to your wife am sure she is worried about you.

Me:goodnight Rakgadi I will deposit your parcel then.

Her: will be expecting it.

I drove home feeling very refreshed and libarated the trouble I had was now over I wont be dealing with Tshepiso or hearing her voice again.




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