The first time I saw him was the day heaven smiled at me. All my life I have been looking for a guy who will love me for me not someone who will see me as a sex object or someone who will stand in the kitchen cook while he is out there drinking with his friends. I asked myself questions like why would a guy like him choose a girl like like me? Why would he ditch his date for me?what is that I have that others girls don't have? 

Let me take you back a bit I met my soon to be husband at work function" Black thighs matter" it was for embracing black thick woman I mean we all know how big girls are body shamed. I was a waitress serving the guest drinks and food and that when I met Dikgetho Lekgari every corner I was in it he was there maybe he couldn't get enough of me that when I went to the kitchen he followed me and asked for my contacts. He waited till midnight so that he can give me a ride home how sweet is that?after few days we started seeing each other then we got serious 3 months later he was paying lobola for me and yes he is Mr right he takes me to the moon and back and he knows how to love me.

I looked at myself in the mirror after the touch of make up. I look beautiful no lies this is the day I wish my mother was here but she is she is somewhere doing God knows what.I looked at my bride maids and they were so happy for me.

Nola:you look beautiful my friend I can't believe you getting married.I thought am the one who will get married first.

Lerato: and she is sorry boo you taking the back sit. Vee are you sure about this I mean we can run away from this.

Me:Am sure guys Dikgetho is my man and am marrying him now can we go?

Lerato:whenever you ready bridezilla.

We all laughed as we made our way to the chapel.My heart is beating very fast I don't know if I can breath. My father takes my hand and we walk down the aisle togetherhe doesn't look happy but he will do anything to see his daughter happyhe hand me to my handsome snacky husband and shoots daggers at him.

Dikgetho: perekisi yaka.

Me:ultra Mel yaka

We both look at the pastor who started praying for us.

Pastor:if there's anyone who believes that this two don't deserve to get married speak now or forever hold your peace.

Dad:Lekgari take care of my daughter or else ...

Everyone in the room laughs and the service proceeds we were then asked to say our vows.

Dikgetho:I Dikgetho Lekgari take you Vumile Mvandaba to be my lovely wedded wife I promise to love youprotect youcherish you and treat you like a queen till death do us part.

Me:I Vumile Mvandaba take you Dikgetho Lekgari to be my husband I promise to be a submissive wifecherish you and treat you like a queen till death do us part.

Me:I Vumile Mvandaba take you Dikgetho Lekgari to be my husband I promise to be a submissive wifelove you respect you support you and be by your side always till death do us part.

Pastor:by the power of God I know pronounce Mr and Mrs Dikgetho Lekgari you may now kiss your bride.

This is how my till death do us part started. My name is Vumile"Vee" Lekgari.


When the pastor said you may now kiss your bride that was the happiest moment of my life. That was the time to claim her as my own in front of everyone. She is my wife my possession someone am obsessed with and no one should dare play in my territory.

We went to the wedding reception and enjoyed our fooddrinks and music.the speeches were made everyone left positive messages and that means my friends trust me that I will never make the mistakes I once did in my past and am glad I did get help even though those memories sometimes visit me.

Me:perekisi yaka tonight am going to make love to you in your wedding dress.

Her:and I can't wait my love we have been waiting for this day for a long time.

Me:I love you Vumile.

Her:I love you too Dikgetho.

I kiss her and take her to the dance floor as we dance to Luther Vandross and Beyonce the closer I get to you.

♪the closer I get to you

The more you make me see

By giving me all you got

Your love has captured me

She is a dream a beautiful dream that I don't want to wake up from. I love how her body moves with my body how she turns me on by just looking into my eyes.

My name is Dikgetho Lekgari and this is how my till death do us part started.

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