I was so drunk that I even drew attention on Baxolele and I the poor guy was so embarrassed he carried me bridal style to his car.

Him:am taking you home wena 

Me:why?I don't want to go home Baxolele

Him:Thuli you drunk and you can't even walk I think you should go home.

Me:my grandmother will kill me.please let me sleep at your house.

Him:what?you going home Thuli .

We drove home in silence I was even falling asleep right now I wish I wasn't going home maybe I can sleep at Boniswa's house. Baxolele dropped me at my gate my uncle Zitha was outside.the struggle to walk happened I fell before I even reached the gate.

Zitha:haibo Thulisile are you drunk?soyaphuza wena?

Me:malome help me up please.

Him:hee mihlola yam Lena..Thulisile 

He came and helped me up I don't know what happened to Baxolele but am sure he ran for his life when he saw Zitha. We walked into the house my grandmother and Gcebile were shocked to see me in that state.

Zitha:yabona ke gogo ingane ka Nonjabulo injan(look at Nonjabulo's child) ibudlile strong(she is drunk)

Gogo:Thulisile uphuzeni khona ubuya phi?(what did you drink and where do you come from)

Zitha:she was dropped off by some boy. That boy looks like he comes from the city.

Me:no he is from Kwa Mashu.

Gogo:nkosi yam kwenzekani(my God what is happening)

Zitha: asazi..Thulisile go sleep we will talk in the morning. You must tell us about this boy of yours.

I went to my bedroom and I got a black out.



The atmosphere was still sour in the house everyone was minding her business I even regret taking my mother away.It is Sunday and usually on Sundays I don't work but today I felt like going to work just to give my girls some time to cool off.

Me:see you guys later am going to work.

Boniswa:see you later then.

Me:twins see you later.

They gave me a deadly stare if looks could kill someone I would be dead by now. I did what was good for my mother and for everyone else.

Phindi:ngathi unga gubuda nge moto nxa.

Boniswa:Phindile! I get that you are angry but you can't talk to my husband like that.if you have nothing better to say shut your mouth.

Phindi: uyangi nyanyisa Mlungisi how can you take her away.

Me:Phindile I told why and if you can't deal with that angazi ngithini.see you later.

I walked out with a heavy heart what Phindile said really cut deep she wishes death upon me. I took my taxi and drove to town while listening to Sjava kulomhlaba

♪kulomhlaba esiphila kuwo 

Izinto Mani kwenzeka

Amanya amadoda aya phumelela 

Amanye amadoda awu phumeleli

Thola thola baba

Amandla endoda away pheli

Ngiphakamisa amehlo Ami entabani

Usizo lwam usizo lwam luvelaphi na ?

Luvela kuwe

Eloi eloi nkulunkulu wam ungisheyelani na?

Sengcela ukubona ngathi lempilo engiyi philayo

Akuyona eyam mhlambe khona ukuncono ongibekele khona♪

The song was hitting home sigh I wish my situation can change but"uya funa ukudla izambane lika pondo" no no this is wrong am not going to take that route.



I woke up with a painful headache I couldn't even keep my eyes open for long I walked to the kitchen and my family was already up and waiting for their breakfast.

Gcebile: silambile Ntombi

Me: when will you make your own food?am sick

Her:wena never sent you to a drinking spree sisi 

Me:yoh Gcebile you have hands use them.

I felt a hot slap right on my face she slapped me so hard that the headache stopped. I looked at her and my grandmother shook her head. I got up and walked outside leaving her screamung my name she can go to hell if she thinks I will make that damn breakfast.



The time was 3am when I heard voices outside singing I woke up and went to the kitchen I thought the girls didnt switch the tv off. A group of people kept on singing

I woke up and went to the kitchen I thought the girls didnt switch the tv off. A group of people kept on singingthe song was foreign or lets just say I didnt hear the song properly. 

I peeped through the window and I saw a group of women walking half naked outside they were walking in line holding red candlesthe one who was leading the group had a bird on her shoulder oh no thats an owl sitting on her shoulder. I always heard people talking about witchcraft before but I never thought I will see it with my two eyes.

They walked slowly taking the direction to the bridge I tried moving from the window my legs couldnt move its like someone used glue on my feet Lord what is this.I screamed for Mlungisi my voice wasnt coming out I pray that this is a dream.I looked through the window again and one women looked at me our eyes locked for sometime then she smiled at me and it was light outs for me.


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