Talking with the girls was very hard I tried coming up with the right words but I was hurting them Boniswa didn't want to get involved she went to bed leaving me with them and harsh words were exchanged between us not my entire life have I imagined Phindile and Phumzile talking back at me and they both called me a monster and selfish dogI pretended like I didn't hear anything cause they were really mad at me.

After my morning rounds of transporting people to town I passed at St Helena old age home and made enquiries of when should I bring my mother in and they said I can bring her today. I called Boniswa and asked her to pack my mother's stuffI will be picking her up very soon.

Her:kodwa Buthelezi you don't have to do this I mean the girls are not happy.

Me:I know Boniswa but this must be done 

Her: so what do I have to tell her?

Me:nothing just pack her bags and I will talk to her when I get there.

Her:alright let me pack then.

Me:I love you maXaba

Her:I love you too .

This is going to be a tough one on the girls.



I woke up feeling happy than I usually do let's just say its because am in love if love feels like this then am surely holding on to it. I cleaned up the house and made breakfast for my family and as usual Boniswa was the topic.I don't know why they always talking about her and Gcebile always wanted Boniswa to marry Mabutho the township rich guy sure he is handsome and monied but I don't think my sister was happy with him.

My phone rang and I excused myself from the fable and went outside to answer it.

Me:Baxolele unjani

Him:ngyaphila Ntokazi...are you busy today.

Me:no am not busy just have some studying to do.

Him:alright listen take a bath I will come pick you up a bit later.

Me:I have to study Baxolele

Him:you can do that tomorrow come on I miss you hey.

Me:fine then let me finish up my food then will see you later.

I finished up eating the took a proper bath I need to look clean I wore my long mixed color maxi dress with black pumps I tied my afro in a bun then texted him that am ready. We met at the shop gosh he looked so good in black skinny jeans and a blue check shirt underneath he was wearing a white T-shirt.

Him:come let's go.

Me:where are we going?

Him:to a braai my friend from Mashu is around and he is hosting it .


Him:relax it will be fun and I will take you home before  7pm.your bae here is a DJ...

I was impressed am dating a future DJ wow this is good am hoping to have fun.



When I got home the mood was very sour the girls gave me a nasty look I took my mothers bags and put them in my taxi

this is it I will never see my mother everyday.

Me:Phindile and Phumzile please help me with the bags.

Phindi:carry them yourself angithi uxosha umama(you chasing our mother away.

Me:am not Phindile.you know mama needs help 

Phumzi: why can't you hire a nurse for her then? Please don't take her away.

Me:we talked about this and they expecting her today.

I looked at Boniswa she shrugged her shoulders and helped me with the bags. I helped my mother up and we got in the taxi. Everyone was very upset and it broke my heart I wish the was a better plan for this but then my mother has to so that Boniswa could also look for a job .



The place was packed with lot of people drinking and dancingI must say the girls were slaying and me on the other hand I didn't look the part. Baxolele introduced me to few people he knew and he gave me a can of Brutal8 I never drank alcohol before.

Him:welcome to my world Ntokazi.sit here let me go grab you a plate of food.


I sat with some girls they looked very proper this are the slay queens of Madadeni.they kept stealing glances at me I heard one of them saying"did we come to a funeral phela usisiza looks like she came to a funeral" I wanted to cry so bad why didn't Baxolele tell me I would have tried to look good even though I wouldn't reach the level of slaying.He came back with my food and we shared the plate.

Me: why didn't you tell me I should dress up.look at all of this girls.

Him:you look perfectly fine .look its my turn to hit the decks I will see you later and if you need anything the girls will sort you out.

Why did he have to leave me with this girls we exchanged greetings and talkedwe danced and had fun I loosened up a bit and drank some more I was already drunk and I couldn't walk straight my grandmother is going to kill me.



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Precious 2019-04-26 00:05:41

Girl Baxolele is not good for you he's a bad influence stay away from him.