I went passed the mall just to buy few things we forgot to buy when we were doing our groceries I hope the little amount I have in my card will be enough. I shopped around then went to pay for my stuff to my surprise the money wasn't enough I searched my purse and I only have money to go back home shit might aswell use it and walk home or call my husband to come pick me up...a familiar voice spoke behind me.

Mabutho: don't worry I will pay for them.

Me:what? I will be..

Him: I insist Boniswa.

Why does he have to be everywhere ? If he is not at my house he is in the mall with me I think he is stalking me now. He paid for my groceries and helped me carry them.

Him: can we pass by chicken licken if you don't mind I feel hungry.

Me:you go ahead I will be fine with this.

Him:please Boniswa just for old times sake I will buy you hot wings.

He pouted gosh he is so stupid and I don't even know why I agreed to have lunch with him. Mabutho has always been a spoilt kid he doesn't know what house chores is he grew up in a house full of maids perks of being born in a rich family his father had multiple business and when he retired everything went to him. He became more arrogant than he was before he thought throwing money and showing me off like a new toy is part of love when I needed more than just money he spoke anyhow he wanted them throw money to make me happy. The bedroom business he failed dismally men's clinic was needed. 

Him: you still look beautiful I can't believe I lost you over Mlungisi.

Me: you wouldn't lose me if you paid more attention to me.

Him: but I gave you everything you needed money to spoil yourself and family.

Me: that's a thing about you you thought we are a charity case.

Him: you had nothing Boniswa .am pretty sure your husband is feeding your family too.

Me: don't talk like that.

Him:he earns peanuts to support his family and yours. Wait until he gets tired and you will run back to me.

Me: what makes you think I will come back to you? Mabutho you and I are done

you failed to be a good man to me .. I love my husband very much.

Him: you love your husband?one who couldn't even buy you a ring or pay lobola for you? Yaz uzifake endlaleni Sisi.

I was close to slapping him I took my shopping bags and left him calling out my name gosh I regret this.



My heart was dancing and singing gosh am inlove with Baxolele Xhasa I started on cooking while singing along to Lasauce and Amanda Black I do now I understand the lyrics of the song more than anything. Aunt Gcebile and Malome Zitha and my grandmother came in.

Zitha:kudliwani la ekhaya?(what are we going to eat)

Me: mince with pap

Him: one could do with some juicy steak and a cold beer.

Me: you can buy them if you have money.

Him: Thulisile call your sister we need money to buy meat.

Gogo: haibo Zitha didn't you say you won a jackpot on that horse race?use that money to buy meat we can't be busy sponging off on her like that.

Him: she left a burden behind she must buy that meat.

Gogo: but she gave us money not so long ago. Let us stop milking her she is not working Bantu.

Him:gogo Wena uhlezi umukhulumela njalo(you always siding with her)

She shook her head and went to the bedroom leaving me with Gcebile and Zitha they kept on complaining about how Boniswa gives them little money they just don't know how to appreciate.



Babu Mgoma's words have been ringing in my head how can someone be so  heartless by sacrificing your own flesh just to be rich. My mind had alot of things I watched my sisters eating and talking infront of the TV and Boniswa playing with her food something is bothering her.

Me: Thembalami are you alright?

Her; yes am fine.

Me: do you want to talk about it?

Her: no it's nothing serious.

Me: Boniswa I know this is not the kind of life you have imagined but we will be fine I promise you.

Her: I know we will.

Me: I found mama the new home it's a little expensive 

Her: then how are we going to pay for it?

Me: I don't know but a plan will come.

She nodded the girls came to the table flip they heard our conversation now I must sit and talk to them.how do you tell 15  year olds that they won't see their mother everyday? This is a mess honestly. "They will understand they good kids" those words came back to me.



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Hlalumi 2019-04-08 12:50:47

Malome and Gcebile are mad rhaa xa efuna ibeer ne steak utheni angazithengeli and ngomphi lo mthwalo oshiywe ngemva ngu Boni.. These 2 are going to be the death of me