The week went on very fast and today its Friday half day at school and the day of class tests I studied hard the past days so I can shut Mr Nyathi up I need to remind my classmates who is queen of economics and business studies am not in that matric class for nothing I earned those final marks last year.

We wrote the tests and all I can sag its I did my best. After school as I was walking home I saw my father and his "wife" coming from the mall every time I see him I feel like crying and apologizing for my mothers mistakes and I don't even know what my mother did to him. I greeted them and his wife repliedmaybe his wife doesn't know about me but how can she not know am his daughter when everyone knows about it and we all know how news travel here in the townships. WhenI got home I changed my shirt left my school skirt onmy phone rang and it was Baxolele the grin on my face.

Me:Hey you

Him:Ntokazi yam are you busy?

Me:no am not

Him:cool come to the shops now


Him:I just bought fries and I need someone I can share them with and you the first person who came on my mind.

Me:alright give me few minutes I will be there

Him:hurry up before they get cold.

I jumped up really fast to put my shoes on and rushed to the shop who says no to fries?



I was sitting under a tree shade while my taxi was been fixedmy mind was somewhelse the thiughtbof my mother being away from us hurts me no child should be separated from their parents am old but my sisters need heryou should see them when they sitting next to her telling her about their day at school. I have to sit with them down land explain why our mother has to go away..sigh I hope they will understand.

Someone caught my attention when he cleared his throat it was my boss Mr Mgoma

he looked like he has a lot to say.

Me:Mhlonishwa wam 

Him:Buthelezi yini indaba was hlala wedwa?(what's the problemwhy you sitting alone)

Me:I just have a lot on my mind Baba.

Him:khuluma .

Me:you know my mother is not well so am planning to take to the old age home but the problem is my sisters I don't know if they will understand or not.

Him:you just talk to them they are good kids am sure they will understand.

Me:and the home thing will add more on my financial problems I feed two home on my own and its too much work.

Him:uya funa ukudla izambane lika pondo?

Me:I don't understand.

Him: what did you see the other day at the bridge?


Him:I saw you son and you saw me too.

Me:I don't know what you talking about.

He chuckled and asked me to come to his office no one ever gets in his office if you want to talk to him we go to the main house his office is a no go place. I looked around his office while he poured a glass of whiskey his office was beautiful like his house and he had big black spiders alright who keeps spiders as pets? 

Him:you know that other day I saw you at the bridgeyou were watching us me and my brothers of darkness.

Me:am really sorry and I swear I didn't tell anyone about it 

Him:that's very good.Buthelezi you think being rich is easy?I didn't get in this industry very easy I worked hard but that wasn't enough some people were stealing my taxis so I had to do something so I can be respected and feared in this community.

Me:so you joined the cult?

Him:smart boy..yes I did see this spiders here they protecting my all the wealth that I have.

Me:so you didn't make any human sacrifices?

Him: I did I killed my last son...yena ke ungipha amandla.

Me:yoh that's hectic.

Him:I know but a man has to do something to survive.

Me:and your wife?is she happy with what you did?

Him:she was tired of poverty of course she knows and she is also part of us but I don't know what did she sacrifice with cause you know women and secrets 

Me:I see.

Him:since you want out of poverty I think you should meet with Baba Zombotha he is very powerful no one and anything can stand before him.that day we were making another sacrifice to our river goddess Nomanzi.


I won't lie I was getting scared and listening to his story was really a torture on me and the horrific picture of that thing played in my head.I got up and headed to the door and he spoke to me.

Him:don't tell anyone about this or I will personally sacrifice with you.

He laughed really hard and it scared me even more.

Him:anyway think about what I just said son. Now go back to work.



I was really having a good time with Baxolele his one sweet guy I ever met we were sitting in his car listening to music while enjoying fries with stoney.

Him:Thuli I really like you. I won't beat around the Bush but can you be my girlfriend?

Me:I don't know Baxolele I mean I have never dated anyone before and I don't know anything about relationships.

Him:what does your heart tell you?do you like being around me?

Me:yes I do.

Him: then follow your heart.am going to do something to you if your heart doesn't agree with it you can stop me.

He came closer and our lips met my butterflies started playing and the world stopped rotating he led the kiss and I followed my leader goah this is so wrong but I don't want it to stop am enjoying myselfwe kissed until we were both running out of breath.

Him:so you now my girlfriend?

Me:yes I am 

He beat on his chest very hard and whistled it was so funny I couldn't stop myself from laughing.he kissed me again then gave me his bracelet.

Him: this is for you so you can know that am with you everyday.I love you

Me:I love you too.

Gosh am now someone's girlfriend.



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