My phone rang I took it out of my pocket and checked the caller ID it was a number I didn't know. I placed the phone on my ear and took a deep breath before speaking.

Me: hello

Voice: ntokazi unjani?

Me: am good and yourself

Him: am good ntokazi. I miss you

Me: wow you only spent 20 minutes with me now you miss me?

Him: yes 20 minutes it's enough to make me miss you.

Me: Bax... Baxolele you crazy 

Him: crazy about you.(singing) ntokazi I think you make me crazy 

Me:and do you like being crazy?

Him: yebo ngyikhanda lokho.(I love that)

My Lord who is this guy who has me blushing like a reatard I could see his beautiful smile .we talked for a while and we said our goodbyes gosh this is going to be one beautiful night ahhh Baxolele ka Thulisile this sound so crazy.



I couldn't sleep I had nightmares about what I saw last night and that song was stuck on my head. I said a little prayer and went to the kitchen. Boniswa was already preparing breakfast.

Me: MaXaba can I talk to you.

Her: yes you may.

Me: am really sorry about last night and the way I talked to you I shouldn't have. Boniswa you doing a great job by taking care of my mother and the twins and thank you for that.

Her:am sorry too for shouting at you I shouldn't have.

Me: Thembalami I think we should take her to a home. You need to find a job like you always say and you can't do that when my mother is around atleast at the old age home they will take care of her.

Her:what about the girls? You know how much they love her 

Me: leave the girls to me.

The girls walked in and they didn't look happy I think they heard our conversation I tried talking to them and they gave me a cold shoulder. I decided to leave and go to work .



MaButhelezi had an appointment with the doctor today and it was very hard to convince her that we should go to the clinic

I had to lie and say we going to see her husband that put her smile on her face.

When we got to the clinic she showed me a mother of all flames at this very moment I wished Mlungisi was with us he is the only person who knows how to calm her down.

Her:uya bona ke Boniswa you said my husband is here and you lied where is he?

Me: we missed him maam sure he will come later.

Her: no no no . Boniswa kodwa yini? Why you keep playing with me? 

Me: ngiya xolisa mama kodwa uza fika.

Her: Nkosi Yami ngifuna umyeni wam uphi umyeni wam 

She cried rolling herself on the floor  everyone was starting at usLord where is Mlungisi he said he will come after I texted him.The doctor examined her and gave us her medication just as we were about to leave my husband arrived and she ran up to him .

Her: ufikile Buthelezi I thought you won't come.

Him: am here now let's go home.

Her: why are you driving a taxi where is your car?

Him:at home come let's go now.

My heart was breaking by the minute Mlungisi is right we need to take her to the old age home.



The way my mother was convinced that am her husband broke me dear God if you out there please make my mother well this is too much this illness is taking her life slowly.

Me: maButhelezi 

Her: Mlungisi.

Me: mama I found you a new home where there will be people who will take care of you.

Her: so you chasing me away?

Me: no mama I need you to get help.uya Gula mama ugula nge ngqondo.(you are mentally ill)

Her: usho ukuthi ngiya ya mina?Angi hlanyi Mlungisi.

Me: I know mama 

Her: angihlanyi.. angihlanyi

She got up from her chair and started crying repeating the same words over and over again the girls stood at the door crying they never see our mother like this I held our mother and hugged her the girls also came and hugged her.

Ma:🎶Dade wethu woza Uzo ngithwesa umthalo. Uyangi sinda ngizo Dade wethu🎶

I heard hiccups coming out of my mouth due to crying she was wiping our tears while singing with tears in her eyes.




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