I heard someone shouting my name outside I slowly opened my eyes damn I must have fallen alseep on the couch after cleaningI walked outside and my neighbour told me that my mother in law has left the yard she saw her walking down the street. I ran as fast as I could with my doek falling off. I yelled her name and she stopped in the middle of the road a car almost ran her overmy heart almost stopped gosh why would MaButhelezi put me through this. Mabutho came out his car gosh the devil in suits.

Him:am really sorry I didn't see her.

Me:its fine Mabutho

Him:let me give you a ride home 

He grabbed MaButhelezi's hand and led her to the passengers sit I followed suit. The car sits were very comfortable made of leather and it smelled so sweet.

Him: so you left me for a taxi driver Boniswa.

Me:that taxi driver has a name.yes I left you for him

Him:but why?I thought we had a good thing going on here I mean I spoiled you gave you the world right now you could have been driving the car you always wanted.

Me:Mlungisi is a man more than youhe is the world I always wanted.he might not have everything but he is everything.

He chuckled this guy right here has a big ego no guy is better than himin his tiny head he feels like he is the king he is God. He stopped the car and we got off. I texted Mlungisi and he replied said he will be home in no time.



It has been a very long day at school and I have two assignments I must submit tomorrow I need to get all my research from the library since am not using any smart phone my phone is MTN zteI passed by the library I made all the copies I needed. I wish I could stay until the library gets closed but then my phone couldn't stop vibrating Gcebile was blowing my phone with call me backs.

On my way home a golf velocity stopped next to me oh my gosh oh my lord it was Baxolele. He smiled at me I smiled at him

he really has a beautiful smile and that gold those two gold tooth stood out.

Him: nkosazana enhle

Me:butiza unjani

Him:am cool jump in let me take you home.

Me:I don't mind walking.

Him:come on Thuli I don't bite 

I got in the car and he drove off he saved my legs from walking a long distancehis hand was on the steering wheel gosh he has beautiful fingers. He switched on the radio Nasty C and Maphorisa particular was playing we were both singing along to it.

Him: I have never seen such a beautiful girl since I got here..umuhle sisi.

Me:thank you Bhuti.so where are you from?

Him:am from Kwa Mashu I came here to visit my family and I needed a break from Mashu.

Me:I see so how long will you be here?

Him:I don't know maybe few weeks or so or maybe I can stay for good that's if I will see your pretty face everyday.

Me:I think you should stay for weeks cause you won't be seeing this face everyday.

Him:wow ave uqhosha sisi.can I have your phone numbers maybe we can chat on what's app later.

Me:I don't have a what's app my phone is not a smart one.

Him:oh I see but we can talk on the phone.manje uthini?

He gives me his IPhone and I punch in my numbers and save them under"Thuli". This guy is a serious temptation and I don't need it I need to focus on my school work. He dropped me off three houses away from home then promised to call me backI walked home with butterflies playing on my stomach and my legs feeling wobbly like jelly.



Mlungisi came late and my heart has been beating very fast I couldn't get what happened earlier out of my headif anything bad happened to his mother what will I say to him?tell him that I fell asleep and his mother got a chance to wonder off the street? MaButhelezi is old she is in her late 60 and her illness makes her look very old and we must always keep an eye on her.

Mlu:how did she get out of the yard on your watch?

Me:I was asleep and MaZondi called me.

Him:you fell asleep? You didn't lock the gate?

Me:I thought it was locked sthandwa.

Him:Boniswa that is very careless of you. How do you sleep when you know that you must keep a close eye on mama.

Me:I was tired Mlungisi.you know I do most of the things here all by myself.

Him:I also get tired but I never complain.I wake up everyday to go to work but you never heard me complaining.

Me:ngiya xolisa Mlungisi(am very sorry)

Him:did you give her pills?

I shook my head no in total embarrassment how did I even forget to give her medication? I never forget this but today I forgot. Mlungisi is very mad at me.

Him:wow Boniswa you forgot to give her pills?you know that she is not supposed to skip her dosage.

Me:I forgot am sorry.

Him:today you forgot everything what's wrong with you?

Me:ngithe ngya xolisa nje(I said am sorry)

Him: no you not you did that on purpose then you going to pull the sorry card and I was tired card. I also get tired but you will never hear me saying I fell asleep on the couch. If looking after mama is hard you should say so.

Me:it wouldn't be hard if she accepted her husband death and if you told her the truth instead of lying to her.


Me:yes you need to tell her the truth and stop lying to her. Are you also in denial that's why you keep lying to her?

Him:Boniswa you know..

Me:yes it is easy to tell her the truth and stop being in denial.

Him:yazin Boniswa when you talk to me don't raise your voice at me. I need some fresh air before I say something I will regret.

He walked out with sadness written on his eyes. I mist have said something that hurt him cause he never walks out on me when we argue.



What Boniswa said has cut me deepits not easy to make mama accept Baba's death I mean I tried everything even when the Buthelezis took everything from us I begged her to fight for us but she didn't want too in her head she thought my father will fight for us. Death is a mother of all thieves sigh why can't God answer my prayers? maybe I should take her to the old age home this is too much work for Boniswa and top of it all I can't imagine my life without seeing mama everyday.

I was sitting on top of the bridge throwing stones on the river this place is peaceful at this time of the night. I heard a group of people singing the voices came under the bridge. I listened carefully whatever they were singing sounded foreign and disturbingI saw three of them walking on water holding red candles and wearing long black robes they walked while singing is this some type of a cult? They stood in the middle of the river and resited something that was foreign three times and the river had bubbles my body got very cold and the hair on my skin pulled up my bald head got cramps and so did my lips something came out of the water I couldn't see it properly due to the long hair it hadmy pants suddenly got wet flip I pissed on myself.I ran home as fast as I could what I saw is very disturbing.



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