I don't know what will I do without Boniswa this girl right here is a blessing and I don't even regret making her my wife she always makes sure that I eat before going to work and I have clean clothes everyday I don't repeat jeans or t-shirts let alone my briefs the word "mageza empompini" doest apply to me after taking a bath I went to eat my breakfast with her the time was 06:30am she has her breakfast with me everyday.

Me:thank you thembalami for the food it was delicious.

Her:kodwa sthandwa you always have sour porridge in the morning nothing has changed.

Me: am showing my gratitude here.

Her: I know sthandwa but thank you .

She got up and hands me my cap and jacket with a beautiful smile on her face I kissed her lips passionately then I gave her one thousand.

Me:I think it will be enough for your family groceries. We will go shopping for our groceries tomorrow.

Her:that's a lot of money Mlu can't we split it?

Me:no I don't want Gcebile coming here next week so give it to her or better yet give it to your grandmother.

We kissed again thenI said my goodbyes to my mother and the girls.I hurried to fetch my taxi at my boss's house he told me that we have a special today since its Saturday I have to transport some stokvel ladies to Pine Town which means I will be back home later than my usual time. 



I heard someone screaming my name it was Gcebile I opened my one eye and looked at her

she had  both her hands on her waist. I know she will scream at me like she always does.

Her:you still sleeping?the time is half past seven.if you sleeping like this who is going to clean the windows?

Me:didn't we do that last weekend?

Her:yey wena sbhozi wake up.

Me:alright I will please close the door on your way out.

She exist my room leaving the door wide open. I got up and changed mg night dress into leggings and the ANC tshirt yeah I know what you thinking  of me  this are the most comfortable clothes I have. I served my elders tea and scones then carried on cleaning.

I saw my father passing by I stopped what I was doing and went to himwhen he saw that I was approaching him he .kept on walking.

Me:baba can I talk to you?

Him:who is your father ?am not your father

Me:but when will you start treating me like your child? Why do you keel ignoring me like am not existing?

Him:cause you don't exist to me. You are not my child I told you and your family that I want nothing to do with you.

I felt my heart breaking how can a father not want his child when his child needs a fatherly love?what have I done to him?whatever he had with my mother doesn't mean he should punish me .



I went home to visit my grandmother I needed to give them money for groceries. When I saw my grandmother I felt happy her smile warms my heart this woman has sacrificed a lot of things for me she used her pansion money to send to college and she never complained one bit. 

Her:what a lovely surprise how are you my child.

Me:am well gogo its good to see you.

Her:same here and how is your mother in law

I took a deep breath and told her everything that was happening the past weeks. Her eyes filled with so much sympathy you can tell that she wants to say something but she is holding back.

Her:send her to the old age home.

Me:and what about the girls they love their mother gogo how are they going to feel?

Her:they will understand they grown now beside their mother needs professional help and you can't give her that.

Me:kodwa gogo..

I saw aunt Gcebile carrying a lot of bags and accompanied by Mabutho my stomach turned I was close to vomiting. I don't know why he keeps coming to my house when we broke up long time ago.



I got home very late and everyone was already in bed. The girls slept without switching the TV offI switched it off then went to check on my mother she was sitting on a chair next to her bed rocking herself back and forth. She smiled at me while singing she has a very beautiful voice her voice takes all your troubles away.

Her:you look just like your father.

Me:I know mama

Her:uzo fika yena uButhelezi?(is he going to come)

Me: yes I called him he said he will come after 3 days.

Lying to her hurts me and her not accepting his death also hurts more.I crouched next her with my head on her lap.She brushed my face and tear fell on my face she was crying.

Her: ♪dade wethu woza uzongithwesa umthwalo

Uyangi sinda ngcela ungisize Dade wethu

Umthwalo wam uya sinda ngilekelele Dade wethu

Uma ukhona phambi kwam ngeke ungishiye

Woza Dade wethu woza uzongi thwesa umthwalo wam.♪

When she sings all my troubles disappeared I felt like I don't have to worry about anything.


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Nonkuh 2019-04-07 18:23:53

I have to agree with your grandmother boni you need to admit your mother in law. I hope your husband understands