I woke early to prepare breakfast for my husband and his sisters I don't want anyone to go to work or school on an empty stomach breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After everyone has ate and left I cleaned the house and took the laundry outside I washed everyone's clothes my mother inlaw was sitting under a tree  lost in her own thoughts it pains me seeing her like this she doesn't speak that much unless if she is hungry otherwise she doesn't speak.

Me:mama would you love something to eat?

Her:yes please can you cook spinach with pap

Me:no problem let me prepare a bath for you so that your body can cool off it is very hot today.

Her: ingabe uyeza uButhelezi namhlanje?(is my husband coming today)

Me: no ma he is not coming

Her:kanjani uthe uzofika(but ho w he  said he is coming)

Me:Ma uButhelezi akasekho usishiyile(your husband is nomore he passed away)

Her:no no you don't want him to come see me I miss him please don't be like this 

She started crying very loud gosh what am I going to do with this woman why can't reality kick in she needs to stop being like this. The way she was crying our neighbours came they were helping me to calm her down.



The teacher kept on explain what does Ceteris paribus mean and my mind was far away I was in the world of my own where I had everything I needed where my father loved me and my mother was around. I heard  someone clearing his throat next to me shit its Mr Nyathi he hates people who are day dreaming.

MrNyathi: what is ceteris paribus?

Me:uhm ..uhm

Him:kumnyama la kuwe Thulisile(it is dark in your eyes) you don't know the answer right?

Me:yes sir.

Him: Thulisile Xaba do you think you going to pass your matric?

Me:I believe so sir

Him: I doubt you will.please see me in my office after class and stop day dreaming while am teaching.

The other learners laughed at me I hate Mr Nyathi who talks like that in front of other pupils? Now am the joke of the whole week its no lie that am failing my tests the truth is I can't concentrate anymore I fail dismally all that shine I once had is all gone and on top of that my family don't even bother to ask if am coping well maybe I should go visit Boniswa after school she might give me the best advise on how to pull my socks up.



MaButhelezi has been crying the whole afternoon I tried to bath her and feed her but she refused I decided to leave her in the house and go sit outside I can't stand it anymore the girls better be home soon they need to deal with their mother this is too much."his mother is a lunatic how are you going to deal with her" Gcebile words pierced my heart I felt a tear escaping" Mabutho is the right guy for you did you see the car that he drives" I clicked my tounge who needs Mabutho when being loved by Mlungisi feels right? The gate opened and it was Gcebile what is she doing here?

Her: Boniswa 

Me:aunty Gcebile

Her: I thought I should come and see you

" Mabutho is the right guy for you did you see the car that he drives" I clicked my tounge who needs Mabutho when being loved by Mlungisi feels right? The gate opened and it was Gcebile what is she doing here?

Her: Boniswa 

Me:aunty Gcebile

Her: I thought I should come and see youhow is marriage treating you?

Me:so far so good 

Her: you don't have to lie my child I can see you not happy you even lost weight. You don't eat properly angithi

Me:everything is alright here.how is gogo?

Her:she is alright besides her ankle giving her problems.

Me:I see can I get you something to drink?

Her:no my child but we need money for groceries we running out.

Me:what? but I gave you money last week what happened?

Her:you mean that R500 we used it for our neccesities of course so we need more .

I sighed I give them money every week and I don't know what they doing to it now I have cough out money when I don't even have a 10 cents in my pocket.

Me:I will send it later.

Her:OK.if you married Mabutho you wouldn't say this and we wouldn't ask for money all the time he would have taken care of us.

Me:I think you should leave

Her:don't worry am leaving and nangu uhlanya ulubiza umamezala(here's your crazy mother in law.

She got up and left I took the towel that was around my waist and covered MaButhelezi with it she was in her bra and panties some people were already looking at her.



It was almost time to go home and I was transporting my last load going back home this was the longest day ever.I passed by the garage to buy chocolate for Boniswa and 2liter cold drink for the twins what's a meal without a glass of coke.

I stopped by my boss house to give him the money I made for the day I hate working for this guy but I had no choise I had to take the job to provide for my family after that I went home.

Me:thembalami unjani

Her:am good my love.your food is in the oven.

Me:thank you I will eat later.

Her:can I pour you water so you can bath?

Me:yes but after you tell me how was your day.

She sighed and rolled her eyes I know she had a tough day once she starts rolling her eyes she told me everything and my heart broke when she told me about what my mother did I know she deeply cares about her but she 

doesn't deserve what my mother is putting her through it is too much for one person.

Me: maybe we should take her to an old age home

Her: she is not that bad

Me:I know but thembalami you struggling here especially when she has this episodes.

Her:sthandwa Sam I will survive this don't take her away think about the girls how are they going to feel when you taking their mother away from them? 

Me:I wish we can hire a live in nurse for her but we don't even have money we living from hand to mouth.

Her: I know but things will be better one day.

She played with the robe that was on her T-shirt there's something bothering her and knowing her she won't  even speak about it she rather bottle things up than speak.

Me:what's bothering you?

Her: I need money Gcebile said they ran out of groceries.

Me:alright will give you money in the morning let me go bath or you can come and watch me if you know what I mean.

I winked at her and she blushed making me hard I picked her up bridal style and we went to our bedroom exchanging saliva our hearts making promises to love and honour each other everyday.



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Gcebile is full of nonsense..I hate her already