After the funeral everybody left I was left with my own family and the Xaba family they insisted on staying so they can help with cleaning the house. Zitha called me to the side and we went and talked by the pool area.

Him:Buthelezi boy what's going on?

Me:I don't understand your question

Him:since we have been here a lot of things have been happening. I think you should have held the funeral in Madadeni not here I mean that was your home for a long time right?


Him: and now your mother won't rest in peace.

Me: Zitha my mother will rest so don't worry.

Him:am not worried at all am worried about Boniswa she is pregnant and this type of energy she doesn't need it.

Me: I know all that hense am trying to protect her.

Him: I hope so or else I will deal with you my boy..let me go back inside.

Wonder what's his problem to give me such a lecture.





I was sitting in my bedroom with my grandmother and Gcebile I don't know why they haven't left I mean I need my own space right now.I need to sleep next to my husband and be wrapped in his arms.

Gogo: what a funeral we had has

Gcebi: I never seen such things in my life tjo..awusho Boniswa what did you with your husband that your mother in law had to give a horrible experience?

Me:we did nothing wrong .

Her:I don't think so.you guys went to the mortuary did everything on your own and didn't even allow one single elder to see her.what do you call that?

Me: This is what Mlungisi wanted and I won't stop nor argue with my husband.

Her:hai cha izimanga Jesu.

Gogo:May her soul rest in peace . Boniswa  I think you should come with us you need to rest.

Me:I can't leave my husband alone he needs me more than ever.

Her:I hear you. Gcebile let's give her some space so she can rest a bit.

They both walked out I got up and made my way to the bathroom where I found Nomanzi in the bath tub. She was humming a song and that got me hypnotized she got out and rubbed my stomach and my baby moved. I kept myself calm I know how violent she can be at times.





Since I moved in this house a lot of evil things have been happening if not seeing something in the pool its Mlungisi flying across the room or feeling a presence of someone. I was sitting alone in the kitchen chatting with TebogoI felt like someone was watching me you know that feeling when someone is looking at you those eyes piercing on your skin? I turned and I didn't see anything. I focused on my phone again. I felt my body getting weak and my hair pulling up Lord what is that? When I turned my grandmother came in to put her mug in a sink then she walked out.

I stood up and poured myself juice when I closed the fridge I saw a shadow disappearing on the pool side and I had  something splashing in the pool I quickly ran to see what it was and  Mlungisi stopped me.

Him:Haibo wa gijima yini indaba?

Me:I saw something disappearing on this side.

Him:you saw something? What was it?

Me:I don't know and I think it jumped into the pool.

Him:haibo Thuli I was just outside I would have seen it or something. You watching too much TV.

He chuckled and went to the lounge maybe he is right am watching too much TV that I suddenly see things.



I was sleeping on my husband chest listening to his heart beat my world feels complete. 

Me:you so quite what's bothering you?

Him:Thulisile saw Nomanzi shadow.


Him:she was going to see her if I didn't stop her.

Me:thank God you stopped her.

Him:do you think we should tell her ?

Me:tell her about Nomanzi?


Me: no we not telling anyone anything including your sisters. What we both do behind close doors has nothing to do with her.

Him:I understand Thembalami. I love you.

Me:I love you too.

I got up and lifted my dress up and sat ontop of him.I kissed him while he moved his hands slowly on my thighs.My Nana was getting wet his hand found its way on my panties and he fingered me I was really turned on and I wanted more.I unzipped his pants and helped myself with his manhood I sat on it and moved in circles slowly a moan escaped my mouth He removed my blouse and his lips were sucking on my nipple it was getting nice and warmer down there I bended over and started twerking on his cock I kept on biting my lower lip just so I don't make noise. I kissed him and he took over fucking me hard while he is under me all juices were raining down in his manhood.



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