The funeral


Once everyone was asleep Boniswa came to me I was sitting in the couch waiting for her. She sat ontop of my lap and looked at me in the eyes I just nodded and we drove to Madadeni.

She kept watch of who was coming or anything that will disturb us. I kept on digging until her body was out.  My heart broke I felt guilty I felt like rewinding time and giving my mother a second chance to live.

Her: let's get her in the house. I will bathe her.

Me: ok I will help you.

We took her body in the house and she gave my mother a bath she was very brave to do this I don't know how many people can do what she does after everything was done we passed by the motuary her body will be home tomorrow before sunset.

Me:thank you for helping me.

Her:don't mention it I was doing this for us so that we can have peace.

Me:I love you.

Her: I know you do.



Today Ma Buthelezi body will be home my heart was at peace I know she will rest in peace. I helped the girls with making tea and cleaning the house I needed to move around or else I was going to fall asleep it's no lie am exhausted but I need to keep busy.

Phindi: sis Boniswa are we going to see our mother? We just want to see her face for one last time.

Me: I hope you will.

Her: please talk to Mlungisi and the elders.

Me: I will baby don't worry.

Her: thank you. Sit down so I can rub your feet

I fell asleep while she was rubbing my feet when I woke up the elders we singing a hym which means MaButhelezi is home. Everyone was crying including my husband I wanted to go and hug him but my grandmother told me to sit down.



Seeing my sister's crying broke my heart they will never know what happened to her will God forgive me for what I did? I walked outside leaving everyone in the house I went to sit by the pool side.

Me:Ma please forgive me. I did this for my sister's.

I heard Nomanzi voice singing I looked around and I couldn't see her everytime she shows up she makes herself visible but this time around I couldn't see her but could hear her voice. I felt at peace again.




We were sitting outside listening to our pastor leading the ceremony it is happening she is nomore I felt sorry for the girls they have been crying since last night not to mention Phumzile passing out after seeing her in the coffin. 

Our old neighbours spoke highly of her even the Buthelezi relatives she did have a good heart even though sometimes we will fight. The pastor asked Mlungisi to come and speak about his mother. He stood infront of us trying to speak but his voice was betraying him

Him: My mother was a woman who had a golden heart

she was full of love respect and advices. All my life I knew my mother as a strong person even when she was sick she will act strong . Alot of people called her name's simple because she couldn't accept her husband death but how can you accept your loved death? Do you heal from such pain? Mama I promise I will take care of my sister's may you rest in peace.

As he was going back to his sit something pulled him and he flew across the tent everyone started screaming I ran up to him and helped him up.

Me: this can't be good.

Him: what's going on?

Me: she is not happy.

Some men had difficulties to carry the coffin they said the coffin was  heavy very heavy. Mlungisi went to help them and we drove to the Cemetary.



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