Everyone was moving up and down no one kept still. I was also making arrangement with my relatives they wanted to take charge but I refused to give them that after how they treated us when my father died they had no business in arranging the funeral and informing them about the funeral was a noble thing to do.

I walked to the main bedroom Boniswa was taking a bath my poor wife is very drained you can see in her eyes that she doesn't get enough sleep

I got in the bath tub with her and kissed her hard.


Her:standwa sami

Me: am worried about you. You don't rest enough. That will affect the baby.

Her: how will I rest when we having a funeral.

Me:let me handle everything my love. You need to rest.

Her: if only it was that easy. Sthandwa sami who are we going to burry?

Me:we going to burry an empty coffin.

She looked at me with disbelief I know it sounds crazy but this is the plan I have . I will not dig out my mothers body.

Her:Mlungisi please let's give her a decent funeral we will never rest. I don't want her to haunt us please.

Me:Boniswa let's not argue about this.

Her: so where is her body?.

I shrugged my shoulders .we got out of the bath and dressed into simple comfortable clothes. We told our elders that we have to go to the funeral parlour to pay up the remaining balance. On our way she was very quite something was bothering her.

Me:we are going to he alrighht I promise you.

Her:I hope so. Has Nomanzi visited you?

Me:no I dealt with her.





With evwrything that has been happening things are hectic I havent seen Tebogo for days and I miss him so much that guy knows how to love a woman I mean the morning text chocolates being delivered in my house he is just perfect.

I saw Gcebile walking in she was with Baxolele my stomach just turned the guy cant stay away from me he has been coming here and I havent given him a light of day to talk to me. They both greeted and I just nodd my head and carried on with baking.

Him:let me help you.

Me:I will be fine thanks.

Him:please Thuli dont be stubborn.

Me: I am fine Baxolele.

Him: I wont say anything I will keep quite.

Me:you just dont give up do you? Take that pan and put it in the oven.

He got up and did as I told him. The kitchen was quite you will swear theres no one. Everytime he tried to open his mouth I will stop him with my finger..but who am I fooling? I want to know why he is always here.

Him:The child is not mine. The girl fooled me.

Me:so what do you want me to do? Dance for you or ululate?

Him:no. I just want you to know the truth.

Me: I really dont care about it. Why are you its not like you are family or anything.

He kept quited and we carried on baking scones I stole a glance at him he was licking his lips ..those lips once kissed me.





The fact that we going to burry an empty coffin makes me believe that my husband is evil this whole cult thing has turned him into one of Lucifer's agents I mean how can one kill his mother then refuse to give her a decent funeral? What if his sisters once to see their mother what then?  I am not one to judge but right now he needs all the judgements he can get. How I wish he never joined this our lives were not good but we were always happy right now we rich but we don't enjoy the money that much.

We chose the coffin and I told the undertaker that the body will come in the afternoon right now we going to wash her from the hospital. Mlungisi gave me a deadly stare he is going to dig out his mother.

Me:we digging her out right now. I refuse to burry an empty coffin.

Him:  we spoke about this right?

Me: you spoke and I listened. Mlungisi I don't want to lose my child and I don't want your mother to haunt us please. 

Him:and you want to dig her out this time of the day?

Me:we will do it at night when everyone else is sleeping.

Him:Boniswa this is wrong.

Me:no. Where did you burry her?

Him: Madadeni in our yard.

Me:what? Are you crazy?

Him: let's not argue you will stress the child.

We drove back home and looks like everything is still going to plan. 





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