Me:yey wena dodi vuka(wakeup)


Me:ngithe vuka .

Her:am sleeping noo.

I dragged her out of my bed and slapped her lightly just to wake her up .

Her:Kodwa yini?.

Me:what's this ?

I showed her the message from Panda.Her face went from yellow to red her eyes filled with tears and her lips were trembling.

Me:ngithe yini Lena?khuluma .

Her: I can explain .

Ms:explain am listening 

Before she could speak I slapped her hard  she almost fell on her butt.I stepped closer and she stepped back. I was angry how can she do this to me.



I took the girls to the old age home they were happy that they going to see their mother shame poor girls don't know that they going to hear about their mothers passing. We greeted Mrs Zondi in unison and told us to sit down.

Her:bakwa Buthelezi I have some bad news for you.

Me:bad news?

Her: yes am sorry your mother passed away last night.

Pumzile:what njani?

Her:she had a seizure.

Pumzile: did she say anything or do anything

Her:she was calling her husbands name the next thing she got a seizure then she died.am really sorry.


The girls were crying I hugged them both trying to calm them down Mrs Zondi came with a glasses of water . once they were calm we went to boarding school to fetch some of their clothes. We going to have a funeral.



Tebogo asked to meet with me at Gateway mall I made sure that I slay in my new sweet pink body hugging dress and and black stilettos with red bottom heals. I need to him to see how beautiful I look.

I walked into the mall looking for him. I didn't know walking around in heals can be this uncomfortable because the floor is a bit slippery. I saw him waiting for me near Jet. I smiled at him we hugged and he kissed my forehead.

Him:you look beautiful.

Me:thank you Mr Phiri..oh Tebogo.

Him:so where to from here?can I buy you new shoes since you look like a drunk grasshopper in those shoes.


Him:am joking my love. I just want you to be comfortable you can't walk in this slippery floors.

How did he know that I can't walk in this shoes? We got inside jet and bought me a pair of pumps and then we went to have lunch at Mochachos.



My husband walked in carrying bags and the twins followed suit. They didn't look happy I wanted to ask them what happened but Mlungisi asked to speak to me privately. We went and talked by the pool side.

Him: I have something to tell you.

Me:what's that?

Him:I told the girls that my mother is no more.



Her:you told them that you killed her? Why did you do that?

Me:no I didn't say anything about killing her. I asked Mrs Zondi to deliver the news herself. She know about this.

Her:wow Mlungisi.what else did you do?

Me:please call my relatives they need to come to the funeral.

Her:and what are we going to bury?you going to dig her body out?

Me:just call them. We will talk later.

We went back inside and I called the rest of the Buthelezi while the girls went to their room and change clothes they came back wearing long skirts

doeks and Some small doeks hanging around their neck. I also changed my clothes and we moved furniture from the bedroom that is supposed to be Nomanzi. I heard her singing my body was trembling what if the girls see her or if they can hear her?

Phindi: did you hear that?

Me:hear what?

Her:someone singing?the person has a beautiful voice.

Me: please go check on the pots ask Mlu to come and help me .

This is what I fear.


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