What I have done to my mother is haunting me no matter how many times I try to tell myself that it will pass but it never does. I still don't know what to say to the girls not even have the courage to tell my wife that I killed my mother she will never forgive me.

Me:Thembalami I need to talk to you.

Her:sounds serious.

Me: it is serious. Please come sit next to me.

She sat next to me I held both her hands as I tried to search the right words. She looked at me with eyes filled with love and so much trust in meI am going to hurt her but she needs to hear this.

Me:Thembalami I know you going to hate me for this but that doesn't change the love I have for you. You and my son mean everything to me.I need you to understand that what I did I did it because of us I wanted us to start living a better lifelife that is filled with love and joy I wanted us to be financial free.

Her:I understand that sthandwa sam.

Me:Thembalami what am going to tell you stays between us no one should know about this not even my sisters or Thulisile.do you promise me?

Her:I promise.

Me: few months ago I went to the old age home and I was told that my mother will not recover yes she was back to her normal self. I saw the pain she had and all she has endured after my father died. I sat next to her listening to her singing for me and that broke my heart even more.we both know how sick she was.

Her:yes I know.

Her:Boniswa I killed my mother. I stepped her on the neck with a scissor and ripped her heart out. I sacrificed with her so that we can be rich.

She opened her mouth wide as a tear fell out. She hates me I know she hates me. She retrieved her hands back and walked to the window. 

Me:say something Boniswa

Her:what do you want me to say?

Me:anything but just don't shut me out.

Her:so you killed your mother?couldn't you kill someone else maybe someone you hate?

Me:no it had to be someone from the family. I know am a bad person but I did it for us.

Her: I don't know what to say.I need some fresh air .

Me: Boniswa please don't be like this.

She walked out leaving me feeling angry and ashamed for myself.



I was left all alone in the house and something didn't feel right

I felt like someone was watching me. I cleaned around and then didn't my hygiene opted for a  jean and a white top I need to make myself familiar with this place good thing is Mlungisi gave me money to go shopping.

I went to Gateway mall and shopped I bought myself a lot of clothes and shoeswent to the salon to get a new hairstyle. I got foxy locks gosh I looked hot no lies looks like am going to love this new life I will be living in Durban. 

I texted Tebogo told him how much I miss him and he said he will come and meet with him tomorrow I can already see myself walking down the beach holding hands love is in the air.



I met up with Mrs Zondi she didn't seem happy to see me you can tell that if she had all the power in the world she would chase me out right away. I made myself comfortable in her office while she poured herself a glass of water.

Her:what can I do for you?

Me:you don't waste time don't you.

Her:say what you want to say I am very busy Mr Buthelezi.

Me:well Mrs Zondi my sisters have been asking about my mother tell me have they called or came here to visit her?

Her:yes they tried but we told them that your mother can't have visitors.

Me:that's good I see we still on the same page. I want you to fake her death.

Her:fake her death isn't she dead already?you killed her right here Mr..

Me:hey hey you don't have to remind of what I did. I am going to bring them here tomorrow afternoon.you are going to deliver the bad news.

Her:Like hell I will I won't do such thing.

Me:you will trust me. I gave you money to save this place and I can still destroy it in just one click.

Her:you are evil how could you put me in such a position.

Me:Mrs Zondi let's not make this difficult please.Am sure you love this place cause its the only thing you have.are you going to do it?

Her:fine I will do it and I hope I won't see your face.

Me:good now let me leave you .have a good day.

I got up and walked out atleast now I have something to tell the girls even though it's going to be nothing but lies.



I passed by my parents house before going to Durban I needed some rest. When I got home I found Lihle sleeping she was fast asleep that she couldn't even hear me when I came in the house.. I tossed my bags aside and took the pizza that was left in the fridge.

A message came in from Lihles phone I wanted to ignore it but my mind told me to read it. It was a message from Panda some old friend of mine"how long will you keep on denying that the child you are carrying is mine" What the hell?



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