Gugu Pov

Life was never blissful growing in an orphanage home being bullied by older kids was not good. I don't know my parents or what happened to them but what I know is someone left me at the door step of Thuli orphanage home. I stayed there until I was five then some young couple adopted me after a year God remembered them I went back to the orphanage. When I turned 10 years old I was adopted by an indian family they had their own two boys who were disabled all they wanted was me to care for their children and give them a child that wont  be disabled I fell pregnant at the age of 15 and the child was also disabled cursed family that I lived with I can say am also cursed no one loved me or wanted to be associated with me.

I don't take rejection very good I retaliate to it I have never found a guy who said he wants to spend his life with me. I burned three of my ex boyfriends with acid on their face and private parts cause they cheated on me my friend from varsity slept with my boyfriend I burned them both and I got arrested I was told I have mental illness so I take pills everyday to keep me sane. I still hear their voices begging me not to hurt them.

I did change my life believe me I stayed away from boys I have been single for aslong as I can remember when I saw Mpilo all the feelings of loving someone came back I tried to flirt with him throw hints that I want him what did he do? He married Bongi that slut nxa if I wanted to hurt her I will but then I have pills something I depend on to keep me sane. My name is Gugu Hlathi 27 years old.


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