after 6 months Bongi forgiving Mashezi was the hardest thing to do I prayed alot about and asked God to help me to forgive her eventually I forgave her. She is the grandmother of my children surely she deserves a second a chance. her: you look good my child me: thanks Mashezi her: Mpilo forgive me

forgive me for all the wrong things I should have been a mother not a monster. him: its ohk ma I forgive you. her: Bongi am sorry I thought you not religious the time I tried to strike you down with Makheswa but I can see how happy my son is with you. can you forgive me me: I forgive you. her: Phiwayinkosi what a beautiful name you have boy am gogo can you say gogo phiwa: koko her: yes gogo. right now am a happiest person on earth. . . . Thandi him: feeling better now me: yes thanks khatidze him: maybe we should see a doctor you have been feeling dizzy for a week now I think you pregnant me: maybe I am or its nothing serious him:can we see the doctor tomorrow just so we on the safe side me: sure we can.. i have been feeling dizzy and extremely tired everyday I get home feeling like a zombie and I dont have epitite visiting a doctor will put both my husband and I at ease his very worried about me .I tried getting up again I felt dizzy almost lost my balance Gcina held me. him: let me take you to bed and please relax do not work or do that Work till your last name slides please relax my love me: i will babe just have to call Mandla regarding the farm him: sthandwa sam relax I will call him . he carried me to bed and sat by my side until I fell asleep. . . . Romeo My business are booming everything seems to be working out for me. I checked how my investments are going everything is in order next month we having another big seminar in Cape town. Makosha walked in with a tray of food her: your food is ready m: thank you her: Romeo can we talk me:am listening her: i know you want a child and i want one too but am not ready me: i know you said that before her: so why do you always have to travel all the time you spending more time traveling than being home me: am doing this all for you.you want material things expensive clothes shoes bag and hair so why you complaining her: Romeo I get lonely me: I get lonely too especially when you out with your friends.maybe we should try for a baby you will have someone to keep you company while am bringing money home. her: not the baby thing i need my husband home me: ohk i will work at home and if i have to be somewhere you will come with me then. I still do not understand why she wont settle and be a mother like her friends its not like am asking her to lose herself while raising my child. . . . Bongi after visiting Mashezi we drove to Mce house he allowed us to stay with him. Mpilo went to buy us food since Mce doesn't have groceries wonder how does he survive with take aways everyday. I cleaned the house did the dirty dishes. saw my picture in one of his books he still has it. him: guess I lost someone special ne i turned and looked at for a while a year ago this guy did drive me crazy he made me cry alot of times and I loved him and today I do not feel anything for him me: you sure did him: now you happy baby number two on the way..you could not give me one me: i did remember? what happend? him: ohk lets leave the past where it belong me: thank you. him: i still miss you though me: thanks for missing me. i received a call from a private number. me: private hello...hello the person was not talking I hanged up he called again but still not talking . later he sent a text"you have what belongs to me" I replied" and what is that" " Mpilo is my man you should leave him alone if you dont want to be sorry" me: who the hell is this. . . . to be continued


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