Gugu The voice mail I got from Bongi broke my heart I don't know why Mpilo had to tell her about what I did it shows he can't handle new pussy but am not giving up on him . I got out of bed did my hygiene then prepared for a job interview if I get the job I will be working at the local clinic mondays and Fridays. My brothers have prepared breakfast I ate then went to my job interview I called Bongi on the way. Me: Bee am sorry I wasn't thinking straight please forgive me Her: are you thinking straight right now? Me: yes friend am really sorry Her: its ohk Gugu but I ment what I said stay away from us. Me: Bee. ... She hanged up on me this girl will be sorry one day if she thinks that I will let her take my man she has another thing coming. . . . Romeo I got an invite for the agriculture and farming business expo I decided to extend the invite to Thandi I heard her business is doing well but she needs this more than me. I sent her an email after few minutes she replied " thanks where will it be held? "Witbank hope am not inconveniencing you its in two days time" I thought she will reply immediately but she didn't I can't wait to see her just want to hear how she has been doing and if she is looking to buy another farm. . . . Bongi You know the is a sotho saying I heard from one of the ladies in Vaal she used to say "meleko e tsamaya le badumedi"( even Christians will test you) that is Gugu for you she pretended to be my friend only to find that she is after my husband if Mpilo was just like his brother he would have slept with her but then my husband is a good man he will never betray me like that. I bought pregnancy test cause the last months I have been feeling nauseous and I skipped my periods for two months. I inserted the stick on my urine and waited for the results. My phone rang I know the number 016 its the code from the Vaal. Me: Bongi Thabethe hello Her: hello sisi please don't hang up Me: Mashezi? Her: yes its me sisi Bongi am really sorry about what I did all am asking for is to see my grandson Me: what ? Her: please Bongi I wont hurt him I love him Mce showed me his pictures his really cute looks like his father can I see him just once. Me: I have to go Mashezi thanks for calling. I hanged up then checked the results it had two lines looks like another junior is on the way now all I need is to buy a small box wrap it and give it to Mpilo tonight after dinner. . . . Thandi Since we have been trying for a baby everyday we eat sex and sleep sex I have never had sex like this before Gcina is that type who gives limited sex or is it because of he used to live in the Vaal now he is here he is giving it to me in all angles. I was in the shower when I felt hands touching my waist the butterflies in my tummy played wished it was a baby playing he planted kisses behind my neck as he moved his hands on my thighs Him: why didn't you tell me to join you Me: you were busy didn't want to disturb you Him: and your meeting how was it Me: it went good we managed to supply three super markets with veggies today and in two days time I have a business expo to attend in Witbank Him : lets make money and more babies. He had my one leg on his waist and got his cock in my pussy the feel of it inside of me sends me to a place I have never been before . How he moves and the way my back in banging the tiles on the wall makes me want to beg for some more I want him to make me cum Me: harder Thunzi please Him: you want it harder babe Me: yess yess yess He increased his pace and we switched positions he made me face the wall as he was muffing me from my cunt to my anas the feel of it got my legs shaking I don't know if I can keep my balance plus the slippery floor its not helping one bit everything its slippery. Him: you sure taste good babe and I am going to make you cum I want you to cream my cock. He spanked me twice before going in Me: spank me again daddy He spanked me twice the sound of it combined with water makes a magical sound. He went in without warning me his pace was hard I ran out of air my moans were becoming very faint I think am about to tap out. I don't know this man who is making love to me the way am so happy I feel like singing him praises and ululate. I felt my toes curl and I knew am about to come. Me: am .. comiiiing... I couldn't help but scream Him: am coming with you babe We both came at the same time. We cleaned ourselves got off the shower he played usher 's dive. Him: listen to this song my love. 🎶 this water can get a little busy but I got experience Do not mind tracking to the storm Long as I know you here with me baby Shedding all your innocence I see the walls look like they Might precipitate Until am in so deep its up to my ways But I promise girl I aint afraid Its raining inside your bed No buts or dry Love makes you so wet Your legs its up to my ways But I promise girl I aint afraid Its raining inside your bed No buts or dry Love makes you so wet Your legs your thighs And ever since we first met I knew I was ready baby To take that dive🎶 To be contuined.


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