Mpilo We came back home around 3am the fun we had it was Lit beyond everything. I didn't think that Gcina will pop the question he didn't look like someone who wants to tie a knot very soon. Everybody in the car was drunk we had to come back home with Gugu who was drunk that she couldn't walk straight so you can imagine what I went through if it wasn't for Mce I wouldn't bring her home worse we don't know where she stays. I woke up to make myself tea when I found her standing next to my bedroom door she gave me a fright. Me: woah Gugu why you standing here Her: you had at all last night hey Me: what? Her: I heard you guys busy getting it on maybe you should sound prouf your bedroom making it hard for me to sleep or not to get horny. She licked her lips and followed me to the kitchen this girl needs help and Bongi thinks she is good people I am a very good judge of character and I can spot trouble when I see it. She sat on top of the counter. Me: not on my counter Gugu Her: yoh sorry. Can I get a coffee? Me : sure.. where do you live? Her: excuse me Me: where do you live cause when we got back from the club we were supposed to take you home Her: oh sorry I should have told you guess I was too drunk to speak Me: yeah too drunk that you were stripping for my brother Her: what? Did I have sex with him? Mce answered from behind he wasn't wearing his shirt on just walking around with boxers some people just can't respect others. Him: no we didn't I don't take advantage of drunk girls. Her: thank God Me: " guys can you dress properly please theres a kid in the house and my wife can't see you dressed like this. Him: its not like she hasn't seen me like this before she even knows me when am naked Her : what? Bongi has slept with your brother and you are cool with it Me: his her ex boyfriend so maybe you can read between the lines Mce bro come on Him: yeah will go and change uhm Gugu come we have something to talk about. . . . Romeo Me: morning babes Her: hey love.. would you love something to eat I made soft porridge Me: yes I hope ke motepa wa mabele Her: it is babe I know how much you love it. Me: reminds me of home good thing you make a tasty one. Her: Nonnie is town she managed to talk to that girl from the boutique surely they will have her designs one day Me: that is good news and wena what you planning to do with your qualification Her: nothing this was just something to fall back on I don't see myself wearing formal on the 9 to5 job busy taking notes Me: you can be my assistant Her: thank you I will pass. Don't wait up tonight am going out. Me: relax am flying to Cape Town will come back next week Wednesday Her: but you just came back few days ago. Me: why you sulking now come on. I went to and held her waist I looked deep into her eyes till today I can't find the spark in her eyes and I know she doesn't love me the way I love her. I kissed her for her dear life . . . . Gugu I wasn't that drunk last night I just wanted to come with them being close to Mpilo makes my heart skip with joy his cologne is toxic it drives me insane. I wish I got his attention even when I was twerking with Bongi I hoped he was looking at me but no he was looking at his wife the jealousy that creeped on me. When we got in the room his brother was all over me kissing me and rubbing my thighs he doesn't know how to kiss am not even enjoying his kiss. Me: please stop Him: ohk why? Me: this is wrong I can't cheat on my boyfriend Him: oh you have boyfriend sorry I didn't know Me: yeah let me get dressed so I can go home Him: you not joining us for breakfast Me: I would love to but I must go Him: no stay you can't leave on an empty stomach. We got dressed and joined Bongi and Mpilo for breakfast they were sitting outside in the garden atleast the weather was warm. Everything on the table looked delicious I can't remember the last time I had croissants. Me: thanks for the food you surely know your way around the kitchen Her: I try my best babe you know you have to feed your man so that he doesn't go to another woman looking for food. Me: I hear you I should start taking notes. Her: thought you don't have boyfriend Me: I lied I do just that our relationship is still new you know. Her : I see. When are you going back to Durban Me: next week. The way Mpilo is kissing her makes me wanna scream. I looked at his brother who was annoyed guess he still loves Bongi . Mce: can I give you a lift home plus I need to pass somewhere Me: sure no problem guys let me love and leave you. I hugged both of them I made sure I squeeze Mpilo and sniff on his lotion I whispered in his ears"you smell good" then I let go of him. The drive home was quick we just talked about random stuff . Him: I saw how you look at Mpilo whats up with that Me: what you mean Him: do you have feelings for him or am just imagining things Me: you imagining things. Him: asazi Mpilo is taken and he will never cheat on Bongi if you want him you must see a powerful witch doctor. I just got bored is it that obvious that I want Mpilo to be mine? If it is hope he can see that too. . . . To be contuined


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