Gcina I passed by the jewellery shop to buy Thandi a ring she needs to have that rock on her finger. After that I had to see my mother I found her cooking my favourite meal dumblings and beef stew I got hungry immediately. When she saw me she hugged me and kissed me she turned me around just to see my weight you know how mothers are. Her: ao bakithi unjan Gcina Me: ngyaphila mama unjan Her: am good maye ngajabula ukbona Me: me too ma. We sat down as she poured tea for me along side scones am really home I must say my mom is full of love no lies . Me: mama I asked Thandi to marry me Her: did she say yes? Me: yes she did mama Her: alilili (ululating ) am so happy but why you telling me this now ? Why didn't you tell me before you asked her Me: it just happened mama and I need to ask dad to go for negotiations Her: ini? You asking that thief his gonna steal your money why can't you ask my brothers to help you?your dad is bad news. Me: hei bad news right where is he? Her: how should I know? I last saw him a month ago Me: oh so he still comes and see you huh so you guys still get it on huh Her: Gcina ngimdzala kuwe khuzeka. Let me give you something to eat. My dad is untrustworthy and he loves money wherever there's money you will find him there and the relationship he has with mom is something I can't explain they still see each other then break up it has been like this for aslong as I can remember. I do want him to be part of my deligates . . . . Thandi I woke up feeling very happy with a smile on my face the princess is getting old today its my birthday I said a little prayer thanking God for granting me yet another year . I did my hygiene then went to work. It wasn't really that busy Londi is off atleast Siya is hard working he doesn't sit and play with his phone he does a lot of things around here. A very pretty lady walked in she looked like she is in her early thirties. Her: Hello sisi am looking for a Thandi Mdluli Me : I am Thandi Mdluli Her : one of your clients told me that you are looking for me oh Nonhle Mzwakali She extended her hand for a handshake I shaked her hand and faked a smile Makosha has everything to do with this what a nerve she has. Me: yes but I haven't told my partner about you. Her: oh I see but can I show you my designs? Me: please do. She took out her portfolio I have never seen such beautiful designs before this lady certainly does justice her work my jaw dropped I could even imagine myself wearing one of her designs . Me: this is magnificent lady where have you been? Her: Johannesburg. . We both laughed I couldn't stop complimenting her work each design was the best. Me: do you also designed for celebrities? Her: how I wish to hey am still new in this industry Me: ohk so how does Makosha know about you? Her: we very good friends . Looks like I will have to jump Gcina taking decision here on my own I just can't let her go. . . . Mpilo Gcina invited us for drinks at the club we celebrating Thandi's birthday party he also invited Mcedisi don't think he will come his still a bit sore about Losing Bongi to me . We were in the shower you know teasing each other here and there those spontaneous moans that will escape our lips. When we get back from the club is about to go down am gonna make her cum until her legs start shaking. I wore a blue jeans white chines collar shirt black shoes. She went for blue jeans black boots and a black top she looked absolutely stunning not to mention her curly hair. Me: you look beautiful Her: thank you my love shall we go Me: let me get the keys. The was a knock on the door. Her: let me check who it is maybe it is Gugu Me: you invited her but she doesn't know Thandi Her: ah babe they will know each other She opened the door and she froze looks like she is seeing a ghost. She looked at me and stepped aside to make away in for the person. Him: Bongiwe Her: Mcedisi. Him: hey little brother zikhiphani boy We should hugged the last time I saw him was at my wedding he had flowers in his hands and a bottle of Hennesy. Him: flowers for the beautiful sister in law. Her: thank you Him: and this one is for you bro Me : thank you and you know I don't drink Him : my bad boi so are we already living for the club? Me : yeah come lets go. We drove to the club yellow apple Gcina already told me that they sitting in the VIP lounge I don't understand the whole VIP thing when we can sit with everyone and have fun VIP for me are boring. The table was full with alcohol the moet ice tropez and Hennesy since I don't drink the was apple tizer and still water. We exchanged hugs and kisses then Gugu had to squeeze me really hard. We sat down having conversation to ourselves. Bongi was sitting on my lap just whispering dirty things on my ear and it got me hard Thandi was twerking for Gcina and then the weird Gugu was starring at me not blinking even when Mce was trying to have a conversation with her she just brushed her off this girl is strange. . . . Thandi When you have the best people in your space you just have fun you losen up and enjoy yourself I didn't tell Bongi that Gcina asked me to marry him maybe he asked me that cause he was enjoying the sex I mean I don't even have a ring on my finger. My favourite song with Gcina played he danced with me I love how he even takes control when his dancing with me and how my body moves when he helds my waist. 🎶 I look into your eyes You look into my eyes what we feel is magic When we are alone I feel safe in your arms I don't need to panick Its you ×2 Only you can have it And I hope you understand ×2 Things you do to me 🎶 He made me to take a twirl when I faced him he was down on his knees with a ring . I didn't know what to do should I scream or just kiss him . Him: please say yes Me: yes I say yes . . .


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