I was supposed to be working in Durban when I resigned at Bheki Mpilo health centre the job I got was not going to pay me more than what I got at my previous job I tried to negotiate the salary but they refused its either I settled for peanuts or decline the offer so I declined it right now am unemployed and don't have enough money to keep me going.

I am staying with my step brothers Kevin and Leo they both disabled but atleast they can talk and do stuff unlike my daughter Daisy she cant do anything she can't walk sit or talk. Maybe you wondering how she was born with disability my foster mother was very abusive she did hit me alot of times accusing me of sleeping with her husband yet they both agreed that I should give them a child that family is cursed I tell you I really had a difficult time with them.

Me: boys your food is ready
Them: thank you G

We sat around the table as we had our spaghetti and pilchard along side wild island juice.

Kev: how long you going to stay with us 
Me: until I get job don't worry 
Him: no don't go stay with us you know that we missed you 
Me:if you say so tell do you guys have girlfriends? 
Leo: no we don't need them but you need a boyfriend you have been single for too long now.
Me: I do have a boyfriend Mpilo Thabethe 
Him:hope you wont burn him just like the others.

My mood changed instantly I don't know why he had to remind me of that. I come too far and changed my life for someone who is disabled he surely talks too much .

Me : let me go to bed
Him: sorry Gee that came out wrong I didn't mean to please don't hate me.
Me: guys I changed my life and I always take my medication I don't skip a day without taking them. Am changed person I love him too much to hurt him .
Them: ohk.

I really love Mpilo and I wont hurt him just that his too blind to see it his still drunk inlove with Bongi and I don't know when will he see that he belongs with me not Bongi.



Waking up next to the person you love is a blessing don't know what will I be without him last night was the first time he released his sperms inside of me I hope its going to be like this forever. I looked at him as he was still sleeping Lord this man is gorgeous surely he took his time when he made him.

I tiptoed to the kitchen to make coffee when my phone rang it was his sister shouting that we broke her plates and glasses she will never close the restaurant for us again I had to reassure her that will pay for everything that is broken or else she would have cursed the shit out of me. Gcina came and stood behind me.

Him: I love the smell of coffee. Morning my love.
Me: morning lovey

He kissed me behind my neck and massaged my boobs. This is one thing I love he planted kisses on my neck and made me turn to look at him. He kissed my lips and I responded I love the taste of his lips. The kiss was full of lust I felt my pot getting wet I reached for his briefs his cock was hard I stroke him he moaned on my lips his hand went to my pot felt tingles on my stomach

Him: shit Thandi you wet 
Me: you making me wet.

He pulled me up and made me sit on the counter he untied my gown and massaged my boobs I directed his cock to my pot he pushed in and I gasped for air

Me: condoms? 
Him : we don't need them shit...we making babies

I didn't know what to say I closed my eyes as I imagined how beautiful our family would be how beautiful our baby will be. He was pounding me real hard the more I moaned the more his pace will increase 
Him: Thandiwe marry me please. ..marry me oh shit please 
Me: yess yess yess yess ahh yess

My orgasam came without warning me I took a bite on his chest he begged me to stop bitting him he came after a while. 


I have no idea what time Nkosha came home I didn't even hear her when she got into bed. I must have been really tired not to hear anything that was happening.

Me: what time did you get home
Her: around 2am yoh babe it was lit last night yoh never had so much fun like this yoh.
Me: I see you had fun that you
left without cooking for your husband 
Her: ao batho Romeo why didn't you order in or get take aways.
Me: I eat those alot when am on business trips so when am at home I expect to get home cooked meal.
Her: we both got hands..see what I ment when I said we should get a helper plus the is some lady who needs a job.
Me: and bese wena o etsang when we have a helper? Go out every night with my sister? Nkosha open your eyes this people you party with have a family they have kids 
Her: there we go again.. you want me to stay here be a house wife with kids? You expect me to lose myself while taking care of your kids and wena you out there touring the whole world.
Me: an not touring the whole world am working bringing money so I can buy you all this material things you love. 
Her: I need to bath and go do my hair.
Me: so you just going to switch me off just like that?

She got up and went upstairs I hate her when she just gets difficult whatever I say falls on deaf ears .

After our steamy session I took a bath dressed in black skinny jeans black vneck tshirt and boots took my bike and went to see my sister I had to apologise for breaking her plates. When she saw me she came straight and slapped me.
Me: what was that for ?
Her: for breaking my plates 
Me: sorry I will pay for them
Her: were you guys that horny you couldn't hold yourselves till you get home ..you had to have sex in my restaurant what the hell 
Me: sorry sisi
She laughed so hard and shook her head she hugged me.

Her: I didn't think you can be this naughty . The chef and waiter complained alot about you two.
Me: please apologise on my behalf. When last did you talk to your father? 
Her : its been a while why?
Me: I need him to go khabo Thandi I asked her to marry me
Her: what? Oh my Gosh wow am so happy for you its about time yoh.
Me: yeah and she wants to have my kids.
Her: is that why you want to marry her? But anyway who wouldn't want to have your babies? Yoh can't wait to tell your sisters and Hlengi will be mad since she doesn't love Thandi 
Me: has she ever loved anyone? She doesn't even love her own child.
Her: you right yoh I can't wait to be uaunty we gonna name the child Lethokuhle .
Me: relax woman she is not pregnant yet.
Her: come lets get something to eat.

We got something to eat her excitement was on some other level she called all my sisters telling them about the good news which means I have to tell my mother before she hears the news from anyone else


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