Romeo invited me for lunch but I refused I don't have time to entertain him so he can also brag about his business and the money his making. He wasn't like this before guess money changed him.

I drove back home decide to pass by Bongi house lucky she was home I saw her car in the drive way. She immediately opened the door when she saw me on the monitor.

Her: mnaketfu 
Me: mnake

We hugged then got in the house she offered me a glass of wine we sat in the kitchen while cooking lets say I was helping her.

Her: you look tired you should be home resting
Me: I would if I didn't miss my sister 
Her: ncooo softie Thandi missed you too.

We talked about work and her trying for a second child she said she believes that having kids while theres still time would be better unlike having children after the age of thirty.

Me: wish I was you planning the second child 
Her: do you want to have kids one day?
Me: yes show me a girl who doesn't want kids or get married 
Her: you the girl who doesn't want to get married 
Me: I changed my mind I want to get married but who will marry me when my boyfriend is in the Vaal 
Her: move in with him or tell him how you feeling. Gcina loves you even a blind man can see that.
Me: then why hasn't he popped the question or speak about it

She shrugged her shoulders. Romeo is married and he still thinks am not worthy to get married or he thinks I haven't moved on. 

"Am sorry Romeo I can't marry you my family still needs me" those words played like a stuck record in my head. I did love Thandi she was that girl I saw a future with when I saw her all those feelings came back and I thought I have moved on.

I am a wealthy man who own 3 farms and a wine yard in Cape Town. Everyone knows how monied I am everywhere I go I do remind people who I am and what do I have I don't hide how wealthy I am. Alot of people have told me that am a arrogant person well I don't care my success and money is all that does the noise. I am married with no kids if my wife wanted kids I would have them but then again kids will just slow me down her words . I am Romeo Mogale 37 years old owner of Mogale farms Rome wines and co founder of the work till your last name. 


I have been having sex with Liya and Dephney three some has always been every man's fantasy. I watched them as they were kissing it really did turn me on my member got hard I came closer to them and separated them from kissing they both gave me a blowjob their mouths warmed my cock after that Liya got in fours while Dephney layed on her back and Liya muffed her our moans were like those in the porn movies I pumped her hard then we switched positions Dephney was riding me in a slow motion and Liya sat on my face I muffed her. I didn't think three some would be this good.

I got between Dephney legs and Liya slept on the side playing with her bean I was rough on Dephney I got my hands on her neck as I pumped her hard she gave me more juices than Liya did Liya came and licked my anas and that sent to the land of milk and honey I pulled out and shot my load on their mouths they kept their mouths as if they saying "lets see who will get the first juice "


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