Her: I hope you loved your gifts
Me: I did thanks
Her: but you not wearing the tie I bought you it would have looked nice with this shirt.

She says brushing my chest and playing with my tie her smile on her face speaks volumes. 
Me: you no longer working here so what brings you here?
Her: came to see Bee but she went out
Me: ohk if you don't mind I have patient waiting for me
Her: what patient? Mpilo usangi saba namanje (you still scared of me) relax I wont bite you hao.
Me: Gugu please...

She keeps rubbing my chest then she touched my arms this girl is trouble. I removed her hands from my body.
Her: you have strong arms that why Bongi is crazy about you. Let me go before we do something we wont regret.

She winks at me then turn her heels to leave.

I can't believe what I did the other day I still feel guilty about it. I went to see Mce he was with Liya and Dephney looks like they had a three some.

Me: sho boi
Him: sho buda what brings you here
Me: can we talk.

We walk outside grab the chairs I stare into space just thinking about the night before.
Me: dude I almost betrayed Thandi 
Him: how did you sleep with Dephney 
Me: no I didn't but I feel so guilty do you know how much I love that women 
Him: yeah I do 
Me: then why didn't you stop me from kissing her 
Him: dude you old enough to know whats right or wrong besides am not a party pooper you seemed to be enjoying her lips surprised you didn't tap the ass.
Me: I would if I wasn't that drunk she said she gave me head but didn't get any erection.

He laughed so loud he couldn't even stop himself from laughing 
Him: you need mans clinic dude yoh does Thandi deal with this all the time? 
Me : no theres nothing wrong with my manhood just that Dephney is not my girl.
Him : I see.

I was invited to a business seminar few months ago I didn't want to but since all deliveries came through I thought I should go just get new ideas on how to improve our business the name of the seminar its called "work till your last name"

I drove to Piet Retief not far from Ermelo it was packed I found myself a sit at the back I got tips on how to grow the business

the marketing strategies we should apply I learned alot funny Gcina has never thought of it or he assumed that I could handle everything by myself.

After that I mingeled around trying to find people who are designers or who own boutiques 
Maybe we can build a working relationship or share more ideas. I heard a familiar voice.

Him: Thandiwe Mdluli 
Me: Romeo 
Him: what are you doing here?
Me: could ask you the same question 
Him: well am one of the co founders of work till your last name. 
Me: I see you bowling in money hey 
Him: its your day off today
Me: no I have been invited so thought I should come.
Him: but retail Thandi wow
Me: am the co owner if you didn't know 
Him: and your partner? 
Me: my life partner Gcina Mthunzi 
Him: thee Gcina Mthunzi from Shezi technologies 
Me: yes 
Him: wow small world. 


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