Today am returning back to the Vaal as always soon will be returning to work don't get me wrong I love my job but it gets lonely sometimes my apartment it is big for one person. I passed by the shop signed some few papers then left for the Vaal.

The drive is always long sometimes I wonder why do I have to work this far but a man has to do something to put food on the table Mpilo's words not mine. When I arrived I cleaned my house I love it clean and spotless afterwards took a shower then naped.

I don't understand Mpilo how can he ask me to take my son to Ma Shezi that women is evil she put me through hell and turned me around using a fork I will be dammed if I let her near my son. He came to my office he looked exhausted

Him: babe can we talk
Me: yes
Him: I don't like whats happening between us you hardly said anything this morning and if its about Nompi ..
Me: don't mention her name
Me: ohk if you don't want to take Phiwa there its fine I understand and I wont force you to do something you don't want 
Me: thank you
He pecked my lips I wanted to pull him closer and reap his clothes off thats the effect he has on me.
Me: lets grab lunch 
Him: sure come lets go 

Work was hectic as if we don't get busy everyday I had to dress the manikins while Londi is playing with her phone this girl one day will kiss her job good bye she is lazy .

Me: Londi do you still love your job
Her: yes
Me: then get working you can't expect me to do everything on my own come on.
Her: my legs are painful Thandi phela I stayed till late yesterday 
Me: so? 
Her: can I go on lunch?
Me: you testing my patience ne
Her: no don't worry I wont take long
Me: you not taking lunch lets finish here first
Her: yoh haike umuntu o sebenza ne kula shame 
She clapped once and started working. One lady walked in she looked very beautiful her light skin

legs everything in her was beautiful she looked around I went to assist her
Me: good day may I help you something? 
Her: no not really 
She looked me from head to toe you can tell this one is a coconut black on the outside white the inside. She kept looking 
Her: do you guys have Nonnie design? 
Me: never heard of her
Her: clearly this clothes here are not my kind of style 
Me: oh ohk
Her: can I talk to the manager 
Me: I am the manager 
She extended her hand for a handshake after used the hand sanitizer. What a snob.

Her: my name is Makosha Mogale
Me: Thandi Mdluli 
Her: I was wondering if would it be a problem if you guys start selling Nonnie clothing
Me: will talk to my employer about it but we do have the Zoe M dresses don't know if it is your style 
Her: you do? Wow I didn't  know care to show me the dresses you will never know what you might find here in the bundus.
Who is this girl I watched her as she picked on different dresses. Then she paid for them left a big tip.

When I woke up checked all my emails then got a visit from Mcedisi we decided to go out for drinks at the nearest bar we got ourselves jack daniels

Him: how was Mpumalanga 
Me: it was great man I miss it already when are you going to visit that side?
Him: visit who? 
Me: your brother and his wife
Him: rather pass that visit.
Me: you still love her don't you?
Him: yeah and I find it hard to move on.
Me: dude you have Nicky so move on Bongi is happy even planning baby number 2 
Him: what? Baby number two wow never thought I will hear this.
Me: so I think you should treat Nicky right.
Him: Nicky yoh she is something she doesn't want me to buy her gifts or pay her bills she doesn't accept handouts.
Me:atleast she is independent something you need to get used to is it a serious relationship? 
Him: no just sex.


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