We went to the shop only to find some of the clothes haven't been delivered Londi was struggling with the stock taking Siya is off if I did listen to Thandi we would have been half way through stock.
Her: bhut Gcina can I get you something to eat? 
Me: yes please can you buy us muffins at Pick n pay
Her: ohk no problem. 
Me: did Zoe M deliver 
Her: no I tried to call her the phone is on voicemail she was supposed to deliver her dresses today at 10 and now the time is 12.
Me: will call her you may go to the shops.

I would have long dropped Zoe for being incompetent but I do believe in supporting black female entrepreneurs and designers that why am still with her. She knows her stuff just that she is never on time when it comes to delivering. 

When my mother died my uncle and aunt took me in they raised me with love they have never treated me diffently I can say they did well by raising me. When Bongi ran away from home I had to be the daughter hey needed I put my life on hold for them I was supposed to be married to some handsome guy but because I didn't want to leave them alone he married someone else he said he can't wait for me to make up my mind or wait for them to die so he can marry me. I was heartbroken for two years I wasn't in a relationship.

On my graduation ceremony I met Gcina Mthunzi I sent from above man he loves and understand me he doesn't rush me and yes I would love to have his babies not sure about marriage since his the man who works in another province I feel that if he wants us to get married he should move back or ask me to move with him but he has never asked me that. I have a degree in business administration and diploma in agriculture I love farming with all my heart hoping one day I will have a farm of my own.
My name is Thandi Mdluli am 26 years old.


Me: Thandi please call Zoe ask her whats her problem
Her: she sent me an email last night she is in Paris for a fashion week her drivers will deliver the stuff in the afternoon 
Me: fucken great and the hand bag company whats their name again 
Her: Pinoclutch they will deliver on Friday relax babe they will deliver.
Me: am hungry and Londi is taking her own time
Her:that was her taking a chance to run some of her errands you know how she is .

Mpilo came in with our God son Thandi was all over him kissing the poor child 
Her: his so grown sbali yoh look at him chubby and cute 
Him: he grows fast and it scares me.
We shoulder hugged and sat down by the counter .
Me: how its like being a father 
Him: it feels great wait until you have your own child you will see what am talking about and Bongi wants a second child

I coughed how can she want another child when Phiwa is only a year old why is she on the rush.
Me: yoh she is brave guess the labour pains were nothing and wena how do you feel 
Him: I don't want another child not now let Phiwa grow first then jah will talk baby number two we sometimes have sleepless nights .
We had a great conversation until they left and it was back to work again.


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