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#seaon2 Bongi Its been days having this guy jogging after me then sprints off I don't know who he is and whats sad is I don't know which direction he comes from so I decided to take a different direction so I can be able to see him when he comes my way

as I was jogging two girls same age as me approached me they say they see me everyday when I pass their house so they would like to be my jogging partners they introduced themselves as Noni and Lindi we did our jogg this girls can talk yerr I have been looking for this guy but I don't see him I felt so dissapointed. When I got home I did my business made breakfast for my parents then prepared for work Thandi has already left she has a meeting to attend. On my way to work I got a call from Ike that was something I didn't expect I thought I blocked his number but I didn't. Me: hey Him: Bee how are you Me: am well and you Him: good where are you I haven't seen you for a while Me: am in Mpumalanga Him: when are you coming back Me: am nolonger coming back am here to stay for good Vaal has nothing to offer me Him: ohk but am really sorry for that time Me: its ohk thank you for being honest with me though it did hurt me but thank you Him: ohk but hey don't be a stranger hey Me: I wont be then he hanged up. I have been driving and this car is busy following me I don't know why am being followed I pulled over with a hope that the driver will stop instead he drove passed me this is strange first is the guy who sprints off now am being followed what the hell is going on here? . . Mcedisi I woke up feeling very hungry I brushed my teeth I will bath after eating am not going to bath on an empty stomach never. When I got downstairs Zana was drinking tea I sat down waiting for my food. Me: hey wifey Her: hey husby Me:am starving yoh whats for breakfast. She shrugged her shoulders Me: what you mean you don't know kanti you didn't prepare anything She showed me her cup. Her:am not hungry so I didn't make any breakfast. Me:Zana mos mina ngilambile Her: you have hands Mcedisi use them she took her things headed to the door Me: Zana... Her: yes meet me for dinner at 7 at the Diish restaurant. And she left. This is how things are in this house I don't get my breakfast I got used to being served breakfast every morning Bongi made sure of that at times like this I really miss her even when her cooking was not spot on she made sure I have breakfast. I made my own breakfast like everyday then prepared for work. . . Sihle The que at the clinic was very long yesterday I wish I could afford a doctor and asking my brothers to pay the doctor is out of the question since my mom went to Bloemfontein we do get along they now talk to me even though Sbu is just being rude and I understand his the one who was spending alot than the other two. I made sure I clean before I watch tv after doing all my chores took a bath and relaxed like everyday Boki will park by my house play the song very loud he will come back after hours his getting on my nerves. Sbu didn't go to work he found me cooking lunch Him: do you really have to work that much Me: i have to keep busy sitting still is boring Him:ohk don't complain when you starting to have those back pains Me: i just want to cook though am craving for bunny chow. He laughed at me Him: i have been waiting for this day where you will tell me about your cravings I smiled feeling embarrassed his not rude today thank God. Him: tlare vaye ro reka kota(lets go buy the bunny chow ) On the way people kept stilling glances at me I don't know why they don't get used to seeing me pregnant at the shop it was so full we ordered our kota then just had a chat amongst ourselves I told him about people who are bothering me Girl 1: jo shem Sihle the blesser left you now you want Bokang to play daddy. I saw sbu getting annoyed He went to the girl and held her chin. Him: phethe o bue masepa ao ketlao bontsha spoko(say that shit again I will deal with you) Girl : wena o... Him: sorry what was that? She kept quiet Him: thought as much. Our order came and we left the smile I had yeses. Bongi Today it wasn't really that busy and Thandi is back from the meeting so she helped around I don't know how she survived working alone here we were packing some clothes when a fine brother walked in his cologne filled the shop he was wearing grey slim fit suit with a white shirt his teeth were pure white all this time his talking to me and I didn't hear shit. Him: lady am talking to you he shook me roughly Me:am sorry how can I help you Him: yerr stop drooling on me focus on what you get paid for. Hee madoda his rude. Me:am sorry Him: you should be. Am looking for a beautiful dress just don't know the color or size Me: uhm do you know her style Him: not really I am buying for my sister she is graduating soon Me: ohk come with me I showed him few dresses he can choose from different colours and styles he still wasn't impressed or should I say sure this guy can't mak up his mind yeses. I showed him one dress it is navy has one slit in the front with an open back he asked me to fit it cause am the same sizeas his sister. I fit it on it looked so good in me fit perfectly swear it was sworn for me. In the front it made my cleavage pop out a bit this dress you can wear without a bra it will still look good I went out the fitting room to show him he looked at me for a long time he sat down took of his sunglasses lawd he had the most beautiful eyes this must be a sin to be this handsome shit. He smiled at me I got weak. Him:this is perfect very perfect Me:good she will love it Him:am sure she will I returned and changed. He paid for the dress he left he didn't even say thank you mxm handsome with a bad attitude nxa. . . .


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