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#season2 Nkosazana I woke up around 5 did my morning glory with Khaya it felt good even though my ass was still in pain I don't know how will I do my number 2 in this pain afterwards I wiped myself clean then drove back home I was uncomfortable sitting and driving

gay people are very strong shuu. When I got home I saw Mcedisi's car means he hasn't left I got in he was in the kitchen frying eggs. Me:Shezi. He didn't respond I walked through the stairs Him: where have you been? Me: at work Him: you didn't bother to pick up my calls or let me know you not coming home. Me: am sorry Him: Zana you married you should be home on time Me: I didn't know I have a specific time to be home. Him: I know you are a career women but Zana.. Me: Shezi sorry hle am tired I need to bath and go back to work Him: I am.. I walked away got in the shower and did my business. . . . Sihle When I woke up I felt refreshed I prepared myself to go to the clinic I dressed in a jaggings yellow knitted jersey and brown ankle boots my two brothers gave me pocket money to buy food if am hungry the walk to the clinic is very long and on my state it was a bit difficult to hurry up so I took my time walking a car stopped next to me it was Bokang he looked like he has been drinking the whole night. Him: get in the car Me: what? Him: kena re vaye you going to the clinic mos. I nodded Him: then get in. I got in the car he played mlindo ama blesser Gosh I hate this song. Me:Boki.. Him: please don't talk to me. The song kept being repeated until we got to the clinic when I got off I thanked him he didn't say anything. Just as I was about to go he spoke to me Him: you still look good on your pregnancy. I smiled at him. Him: shap mfethu and he drove off. People stared at me as if I did something wrong their eyes spoke volumes I felt embarrassed I heard one of the girls talking Girl: jwale ngwana batho o tlo apeswa jase esa molekaneng (so his going to be a step dad just like that ) I turned and looked at her. Me: are you saying something? Her: yes I am stop pinning the pregnancy on the wrong guy Me: and if I do is it your business Her: o hlotswe ke blesser Me: I don't care you should mind your own business first start combing your hair and wash that towel you covering your tummy with it looks dirty. She got embarrassed I walked away to join the que. . . . Mcedisi In all honesty I hate what Zana is doing what kind of a wife is she. When she walked in this morning I wanted to beat her up but I had to hold myself I don't want to be a monster to her so I let it go. When I got at the office I concentrated on work this company generates alot of money I was looking at the figures thats why my mom and Zwane wanted me to focus here or else I will lose the ball I heard someone clearing his throat I looked up a young man was standing at the door I let him in. Him: good day my name is Gcina Mthunzi Me: nice to meet you thought you coming after two weeks Him: no I decided to return is bad that the new Ceo is here and am not around I hope Ntombi filled you in Me: yes she did by the way my name is .. Him: Mcedisi Shezi everybody knows you Me: ohk Gcina. Him: well if there's anything you don't understand please let me know I will fill you in. Me: ohk thanks man we shaked hands . Me: were you on a holiday sorry to ask Him: no I went to see my girlfriend at Mpumalanga. Then he walked out. . . . Bongi I did my morning jog like everyday the was a guy running behind me when I turned to look who he is he sprint off ohk now thats strange he didn't wear his tshirt he reall had a good looking body when he slowed down I catched up with him and everytime I get close he sprints off. I so want to see who he is. When I got home did my hygiene and went to see if Thandi is ready I found her smiling like a retard Me: hey love is in the air Her : love lives here We both laughed Me: so tell me whats with the smile Her: argg just bae making me happy even when his far. Me: how ukuphi Her: he works at the vaal comes here every after two weeks Me: oh nice he looks like a good guy Her: he is girl his a good guy Me: wow when is the wedding then Her face changed Her: am not ready for that commitment yet Me:you kidding me Her:am not is just a big step we need to be spiritually ready marriage is not pap and milk Afte our chat we went to work it is going to be a busy day.


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