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#season2 Mcedisi When I woke up Zana was not in bed she must have waken up early I checked my phone no missed calls or messages I went to take a shower after that had my black slim suit with a white shirt black shoes first day in the office I must look good. I went downstairs found Zana drinking coffee with toast she was busy on her phone. Me: Morning beautiful Her: Morning babe she had food in her mouth Me:ah Zana swallow first table manners hao. She laughed she continued eating I sat down she looked at her phone again. Me: Zana. . Her:yes what's wrong Me: where's my breakfast She gave me the " I don't believe you look" Her: ah Shezi you have hands mos Me: but Zana. . She pointed the microwave I opened it

its the food I have prepared last night I warmed it and sat down to eat . Me:babes.. Her: I have to go or else I will be late . She took her things and left. Me: I love you Her: bye Shezi I had my breakfast then left for work. When I got to work I was introduced to the stuff I must say I was welcomed warmly then I met with one of the executives assistance Ntombi Ngwenya she filled me in with everything our executive is at Mpumalanga he will be back after a week his name is Gcina Mthunzi am glad that am taking over the family business this will put my name on the map . . . Bongi I woke up to find few people who came last night still here I don't know if they slept and woke up early some were still drinking and the music was still playing not too loud. I greeted everyone then searched for Thandi I found her sitting between two guys seemed like whatever they were talking about was interesting. Me: good morning Them: hey sisi. One guy stood up and left I sat and joined them Me: nike na lala kodwa ( did you sleep ) Thandi : no we didn't sleep you left your guests here so we had to entertain them I covered my face in embarrassment Me: am sorry guys Thandi : where are my manners Bongi this is Gcina my boyfriend. Gcina this is my cousin Bongi We shook hands such a good looking brother my cousin got taste fam. Me: nice to meet you Him: like wise finally I will send my uncles without feeling guilty phela everytime I thought of that I would feel sorry for babe na make Mdluli. Me: send them please am here now. Thandi : I wouldn't leave them alone phela they are my parents they took me in when my mom died as for my dad I don't know where he is. Him: au girls before you start crying lets go cook pap phela when Mr Mdluli and Dlomo return from the butcher they should find some of the things done. Me: you going to help us cook? Him: yes uphuma e dolobheni ( you come from the city) I don't think you can handle the three foot pot. You can chop the veggies and make salads we have people to feed. I looked at Thandi she raised her hands up saying don't get me involved. We went to the rondavale they started cooking while I chopped the veggies afterwards I made tea and peanut butter sandwich for the elders . I love how my mom smiles at me when she looks at me it gives me hope that everything will be well it gives me hope that my father will fully recover . .


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