A month later

The lobola negotiations went well last month we didn't want to wait any longer to be married today is my wedding day I have never felt so nervous I could literally feel my heart beating very fast. Am now a whale ready to pop any time. Am sitting looking myself in the mirror I really look beautiful the hairstylist did magic on my hair I did a bun with peals all around my vail will have a tiaramy dress is white with silver patterns Thandi's choice. My mom and dad came in my room they both look happy 
Dad: my Bongiwe you getting married you going to be someone wife am happy for you. 
Ma: my baby we wish you nothing but wonderful things come lets pray.
We joined hands and prayed I felt the holy spirit moving around us surely this day heavens has blessed it.

We went to church I don't know how Mpilo is feeling but am nervous I don't know if my feet will carry me when we get inside we waited for everyone to go in before I could go in.

I was out of solitary I went to my cell and found Spenza and the rest looking down they were not singing playing cards or doing whatever they always do I stood next to them no one looked at me.
Me:hey guys whats going on? 
Spenza :Fifi o bodile (fifi is dead)
Me: what ? 
I didn't believe my ears  I have been in and out of solitary  then I come back to this
Her:MaGesh killed her
Me: no way.
I looked around didn't see her 
Her:after you fought with Thulisile MaGesh came for fifi you hurt her friend she hurts you.
I sat down and cried MaGesh is evil and cold how can she do this. I cried so hard Fifi was the only person I was close too and Spenza she is just someone I need for my protection.
Me:where is she? 
Her: she went to solitary.
Me: when she comes back she will also die.
I was so heartbroken Fifi didn't deserve to die.

I told Patrao about the way his girlfriend has been behaving I don't want him to complain about me sleeping with his girlfriend. I found her watching me when I bath apparently she has been doing that for a long time sometimes she is watching me having sex with Pearl this girl is mentally disturbed I mean who does that.

Patrao kicked her out after he learned all this he said that she will cry rape one day so its better she goes back to her family or to her friends. Life in Mozambique has been great going back to SA is something I will never do.

I have been waiting for Bongi to come in am feeling very nervous this is a big step. I am sweating and doing breath in and outs. I'm busy asking myself what if she changes her mind or decides not come I heard Gcina whispering in my ear "she is coming " .

We both agreed that when she walks down the aisle she will come in with Black Diamond sthandwa to my surprise when she came in with India Arie heals me.
🎶he heals me he knows the real me
And he accepts me
He never hurts me he heals me
Moment that we met 

He made me smile

He had so much completion

In his eyes I have no idea

How long he will be here

It feels like a lifetime

Forever oh he is

For the first time in my life

Am not worried about the future

Cause we have such a wonderful time

When we together

However everything turns out

Is alright cause he has

Already changed my life🎶

There she is next to me looking more beautiful than ever she looked like an angel We were asked to say our vows
Her:My King I would never rewrite the Bible of love cause in you I found a friend in you I found a brother and in you I found a husband that's what the Bible of love says. I have seen things I have never saw before I felt things I never felt beforeyou have been with me through thick and thorn and from the bottom of my heart till death do us part I promise to love you everyday.
I didn't know what to say her calling me her king made me so happy it shows that she will always love me
Me: Bongiwe sthandwa sam when God sent you to me he knew what he was doing I love you from the bottom of my heart I will always put you first I will take care of you I love you more than you can imagine.
We both kissed. 


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