Solitary was so horrible it smelled bad I didn't eat the whole day and I was thirsty. I stood by the door waiting for it to open so I can run out. I listened alternatively to the person whistling the person stopped at the door and laughed 
Me: ngi cela amazi (can I have water)
Him: uya hlanya (you mad)
Me: please am begging you or I will die
Him: you not the first person to die of thirst. He then walked away. 
I stood there crying my lungs out this is bad I hate this life I really do I hate Khaya and I hate Mcedisi fuck I hate them.
"Please please dont take my baby please am begging you "
Voice: if I don't take your baby am taking you with me or you can both come with 
Me: no take me and leave my baby
Voice:so you willing to die for your child? Will you die for himdie for him
Me: yes I will please. The person laughed so loud that everything starting falling windows breaking.
Her: when you die your soul will be mine forever
I immediately woke up I looked around I was home alone this was one bad dream.

I got off bed and kneeled down I cant handle this I can't lose my child not this time.
Me:father God I come to you as your child who needs you today and forever God I ask you to protect me from my enemies cover me with your bloodcover my unborn child with your bloodcover my unborn child with your bloodcover my future husband with your blood for your name say you will not leave me or forsake me amen.

I heard Mpilo also saying amen I stood up and went to himhe enveloped me into a hug I felt safe again I whispered in his ears thought you left me.
Him:I will never leave you honey bee.
We stood in that position for a while then we broke the hug
Him:come lets talk. 
I took the picture to Mamkheswa she directed me to one room it was dark she lit the black candles it looked very scary I felt my hair pulling up I looked around I didn't see any thing
Her: are you ready.
I nodded she lit an incense inside the calabash then took the pictures and burnt it inside the calabash. 
Her:lets join hands.
We joined our hands she spoke 
Her: I call upon you spirit of darkness spirit of evil forces
Her:(help me take a soul).
She then laughed so loud and her eyes were scary 
Her:say the name of the person you want to kill
Me:Bongiwe Mdluli 
Her: Bongiwe Mdluli today you going to die.
We both looked at the calabash it showed her sleeping then she woke up and prayed. I looked at Mamkheswa as she shook her head no alot of time.
Me: whats wrong 
Her: it will neve work.
Me :what do you mean.
The fire in the calabash stopped burning it was like we never lite anything before. I don't know what was happening but something very strong hit me on my head and it was light outs for me.
I sat down with Bongi she looked at bit scared I held both her hands.
I explained everything to her how I started using why I was in Uk and how I got the Thabethe surname.
She then told me about her past from the abortion to being in a relationship with my brother and she told me she never poisoned Mce but my mother did. I realised that my mother has always been evil and I believed everything she said.
Her: do you have any relatives?
Me:yes malome Mpelini 
Her:think you should ask him to be your deligate forget about your mom
Me:will next week be ohk if I send my family at your house 
Her:anyday is perfect 
Me:will send them next week then.
We both kissed. 
Her: I love you Mpilo 
Me: I love you more.


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