#season2 Mcedisi When I got home it is was dark means Zana is not home I didn't see her last night even in the morning I didn't she is a married woman she should be home by this time I checked the time its 9:30 I took of my jacket made something to eat sandwich with juice I catched up with the Queen I watched tv until 12 still no sign of her I called her she didn't pick up I decided to go to bed I can't stay up for someone who doesn't want to come home. . . Nkosazana I was woken up by the sound of my ringtone I checked the caller id I ignored it and went to sleep again I will go home in the morning just to change clothes Khaya was not next to me I heard people talking outside it was Khaya and his friend Razor I listened to the conversation Razor : jwale taK re etsa neng die number (when are we doing that thing) Him: relax lets wait for Princess to tell us you know how women are Razor : ai this princess of yours will take for ever by the time she gives us a signal tlaba ale spat (by the time she gives us a signal she will be pregnant) Him:ai spat nka kgaola cleva kwai (I will cut his balls if he impregnated her) Razor : hee she will be but why did you agree on this Him: cause I want money Razor : money ne They kept quiet for a while after that I heard them laughing I wonder what they laughing at. Razor : does she know about this Him: no and don't tell her. Whats that am not suppose to know I hope his not playing me cause hell will freeze. Bokang Am one guy who loves fearlessly I will do anything for my woman thats how I have been raised am the only child my parents have and I grew up with getting almost everything I wanted I have my own clothing brand " munyu munyu" it is very popular here in Free state infact if you don't own one item then you don't belong here. I loved Sihle with all my heart I still do but what she did hurt me alot who does that? What attracted me to her its how she carried herself her beauty was just a bonus I guess the varsity life changed her. Am driving around the neighbourhood making deliveries I never rest if you want to live like a king you better work hard thats how I live my life. My name is Bokang Moeketsi and am 27 years old. . . Sihle The back pains are killing me and am busy moving up and down in the house am alone I have been calling my mom she doesn't pick up

my brother Sandile walks in with plastic bags one from wollies. Me: Sands am in pain my back is killing me Him:ohk let me run you a bath I bought you bath salts heard they can make your body relax and yeah and candles too he runs to the bathroom and does everything I walked in it smelled nice I got in and closed my eyes allowing my body to relax I got a flash back of how me and Boki used to be we were inlove now he hates me to the core I disgust him I felt tears escaping my eyes all I ever do this days is cry I sent him a text"please forgive me" then I switched my phone off . . .


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