Last when I got home it was dark n empty meaning Bongi was out with her friends Sihle has cancelled on me so I was home alone even now I woke up with no sign of Bongi and her phone sends me to voice mail am fuming and mad as hell since when does she sleep out without my concern even. I went to the kitchen to make myself breakfast and the door opened she walked in wearing denim jumpsuit with black heals she looked drunk seem like she was parting the whole night 
Me: where have you been? 
Her: hello to you too and I was at the club pinnacle then went to dry clean pub den came here
She passed me she smelled like the whole truck of SAB
Me: ohk why didn't you tell me you wont come home I was up the whole night 
Her: I did text you but sorry it wont happen again
Me: it better not.
She looked a bit scared after I said that she stood at the door looking at me straight in the eyes.
Me: go take a shower then come join me for breakfast
 Her: ohk 
She left quickly I don't know why she looked scared or she thought I was going to hit her ?? I contuined with making breakfast I made ham with fried eggs along side freshy squeezed orange juice and coffee for Bongi.


I got home to find the angry and fuming Mce I had to sober up so that he can calm down. Last night it was Lit I never had such fun before Ike knows how to turn up he came with his other friends and they came with their girlfriends its funny how I was introduced as his girlfriend all his friends are colored and the afrikaans was on some steroids I felt like I was in the apartheid days haaa. I quickly took a shower and dressed in a simple short and a top wore my flure slides and went to have breakfast. 
Me:tanx for the food. 
He gave me a shallow smile we had breakfast in silence till we were done I took the plates and washed them 
Him: i don't like this thing of yours switching your phone and coming home to a dark house
Me: am sorry it wont happen again 
Him: you were with who last night 
Me: some ladies I gym with you wont know their names
Him: and who was driving cause clearly you were drunk
Me: well I didn't take my car Zoe was driving and she doesn't drink
Him: ohk 
He stood up and kissed me well that was unexpected the kiss sent shivers down to my clit he moved his hands all over my body and pulled me much closer I could feel hus manhood was up .He lifted me up and put me on top of the kitchen counter our breathing was starting to change he put two fingers in my cookie he fingered me till i came 
Him: go take a nap I need you when you have energy 
Me: but...
Him: shhhh go sleep Bongi 
He went to the lounge to watch tv leaving me with a question mark

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