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Lately I have been spending my time in books and the gym sometimes I watch cooking shows just impress Mce I think now he likes my food his always kind to me even though he never spends most of his time at home maybe he thinks that am not aware of it but I am I preferred not to ask him about it cause his gonna flip basically I feel like am walking around egg shells around him. I love Mce with all my might I will die for him if I have too but am not getting the love I need from him...was looking at myself in the gym mirror lost in my thoughts when I heard voices of the ladies I gym with
Lady: hey Bee
Me:hey guys where have u been kanti
Lady2: in the locker room with Ike doing the deed
We all burst out in laughter so Ike is the ladies man every lady here talks about him a day wont pass by without them talking about his looks  body some even go to an extend to fantasies about him.His is an eye candy no lie about it while we were talking about lot of things he walked in wearing a muscle red vest a black shorts
Him: gud morning ladies lets start with warm ups
Lady:oh Ike we already did 
Him:ohk then lets begin.
We all did our exercises with him instructing us he came near me while pretending to help me bend over he whispered in my ear..
Him: can I talk to you later 
I smiled at him meaning yes I wanted to hear what he has to say.

My heart was on the floor how could Kyle drop a bomb shell on me like that an old man broke up with me was it really happening to me? This is not right let me call him and try to fix things maybe i did something wrong along the way but am not the type that begs men to stay no let me call  Mcedisi and ask him about our dinner plans Kyle will wait just when I was about to call my roommate walked in
Her: yoh mogal get dressed we have to go out clubbing tonight 
Me: and we going with your boyfriend 
Her:yes and his friends its gonna be lit tonight 
Me: sorry babe I have plans already 
Her: cancel them u know i cnt go to a club with the boys only come on babe
Me: ohk lets do it then babe we high fived each other
We both decided to wear black with red shoes.

After gym i had a chat with ike it wasn't that interesting just that he was inviting me for some drinks later on he said we going to a club in De deur called the club pinnacle I thought it was good idea since I haven't went out for a while. After that chat I went to town to do my nails and hair I preferred to go for a simple look a stylish bob cut already had an idea what am gonna wear for the night.

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