I was sitting in my office thinking how blessed I am to have Sihle in my life I have someone who is so ambitious and driven the day she came into my life its the day I knew that she is ment for me as for Bongi is something else well she agreed on rewriting her matric and study phycology through Unisa I don't know what happened and I have stoped ill treating her since that incident. She is always on her books studingwatching cooking chanells I must say her cooking is improving if not that she is at the gym the less I see her there more time I get to spend with Sihle and she doesn't even ask why am not spending more time at home. I came back to my senses when my phone was ringing
Me: Tracy 
Her: Mr Shezi the is someone who is here to see you she says she's family
Me:oh ohk who is she..don't ask why I wanna know the family member who wants to see me cause I have been avoiding my mom for a long time
Her: she says she is Sihle
Me:ohk send her through (all smiles)
Her: ohk sir.
Oh wow my day has been made my cupcake is here...she walks in wearing short black mini skirt with a navy blue lace top showing her black bra black block heals and her bouncy afro wig...Lord she looked very yummy I could eat her in an instant.
Her: hey boo
Me:hey sweets picked her up and kissed her..I missed you
Her:missed you too thought I should come see you what a lovely office you guys have.
Me: thank you babe do you want something to drink
Her:no but I want you want you so bad.
She said that taking off her skirt.I could feel my man hood getting up she wasn't wearing any underwear I was salivating by looking at her. I went to lock the door pushed her to the couch and muffed the shit out of her she returned the favour by blowing me then she went doggy 
 I made love to her for the first time and it was mind blowing..
Her: am coming ahhhh
Me: am coming with you ...and i shot her load inside her we never used a condom and I trust her she is clean.
Her: wow babe I have been waiting for this day for a long time
Me: I wanted it to be special but you couldn't wait for me 
Her: but this was special for me.
We sat in my office naked for a while till she had ti return back to school cause she had an afternoon class to attend.
Her: see you later or tomorrow 
Me: you will see me later thats for sure wanna take you out 
Her: where are we going?
Me : you will see and babe wear something nice
Her: you know my banking details. 
And ahe left...I carried on with my work in a happy mood. 

After I left Mce work place I went to straight to res to freshern up so I can meet up with Kyle he has been texting me all day I guess its another booty call and am not in mood for him am tired but I need money so I have to make my pussy tight for him coz he likes it tight. When I got at res I took the pills that make the pussy tight his the one who bought the pills for me. I took a proper shower wore a white high waist jean black white crop top with red stilletos red lipstick and big whoop earings tide my afro into a bun and I cat walked myself to his hotel room a taxify was already waiting for me outside res.

Am in my hotel room waiting for Sihle to come give me a service my wife nolonger satisfy me and Sihle is the first student am sleeping with I have broke my wedding vows after so many years of my marriage I might had flings but they never lasted this long. Theres something about this girl and I don't know what it is. I don't know what will happen if my family finds out I mean my last born is the same age as her so right now it feels like am sleeping with my guilt kicks in and now I suddenly feel like telling her that I cant do this with her. Theres a knock on the door must be her I put on my clothes and went to open the door
Her: hey dzadddy
Me: hi Sihle sit down we need to talk
Her; sounds serious whats going on her
Me: Sihle am an old men and to me its like u my own daughter I know you have been giving me pleasure all the time I needed it but I think this should stop I have a family that I love and I don't want to hurt them not in this way.
Her: did you call me here to break up with me? What is this Kyle? 
Me: thats me asking you to find someone of ur age who will love you and if you need anything ask me I will help you without any sexual favours.
She looked at me with so much disappointment in her eyes she stood up and walked out. I felt a bit relieved and yet sad cause I wont be getting my groove from a young star but will have to try work things out with my wife.