We arrived at the gallar dinner everyone in the building looked good especially the ladies they got me drooling. I went and greated my clients then mingled around try and find new clients you know how the business world works. Bongi was standing with some ladies see she's making new friends maybe some will put some sense into her head the ladies she was standing with you can tell they well educated. I mingled found some few people that I can build a working relationship with then it was time for us to sit down for some speeches that will be made Bongi set next to me of course I could see she was a bit bored she kept yawning. 
Me: falling asleep are we?
Her: no babe am not just feel a bit tired.
She poured herself water and drank
Me:don't embarrass me please I need to find new clients 
Her: no i wont relax and besides i scored you 5 clients will give you their details at home.
Me: wow Bongi wow I don't remember asking you to do that
Her: lets not argue ohk
She had tears in her eyes she stood up and excused herself. 


After that little conversation with Mce I went to the bathroom I needed to cry how can someone be so ungrateful like that? I mean I have 5 people who can be potential clients and he acts like an ass hell what the fuck is wrong with him. I closed the door and started sobbing hard I cried that my eyeliner and mascara out my face was dark I heard someone talking to me.
Voice: sorry is everything ohk in there?
I tried to compose myself .
Me: am ohk thanks. I wiped my face with a toilet paper that was there and went out. Some very beautiful colored lady was standing by the door
Me: oh sorry for alarming you with my crying. I walked to the mirror she followed me
Her: if I may ask is everything okay? 
Me: yes am ohk now just received bad news my grandmother died this afternoon I just couldn't hold myself she was my everything.
Her:am sorry girl she gave mea warm hug am sorry my deepest condolences to you. 
Me : thank you. I smiled 
Her: ohk lets put some makeup on you we don't want any unnecessary questions right. We laughed am Shirley Buys
Me:Bongi Mdluli. We shook hands and she helped me with my makeupwe went back to the venue the speeches were almost finished.

She came back with her eyes looking puffy I looked at her didn't say anything she sat down and concentrated on the speaker after that we ate our dinner she was awfully quiet and thats how I preferred it
Man: Mrs Shezi I see you have table manners you don't speak when you eat.
Her: yes I do she giggled and besides the food is good whoever came with this menu knew what shes doing and the chefs did a good job.
Man: yes you right so what you doing for a living. 
As she was about to answer that i cleared my throat and gave a nasty look.

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