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Last night I cried till I fell asleep I know most women will think am stupid for staying with him but I love I don't know what I will be without him his everything I have loved him even when he started his business I was there for him. I woke did everything in silence so I wont wake him up. Its time to leave him this is toxic and too much for one person. I took my bags and a call came in from the gym I have found the job and they asked me to start today. This are the best news I have got I have managed to smile for a change I even forgot how it feels like to be sad.

I drove to the gym and gave them the size of my clothes so I can get the gym tshirt. Few minutes later I saw Ike walking in I ran to him he embraced me the hug was so warm he whispered in my ear "congratulations " I guess he knew. We broke the hug.
Him: I have been missing you. 
Me: I did too and am sorry for leaving without saying
Him: its ohk Bee..drinks later to celebrate your new job
Me: yes and they are on me right
Him: yes they are should I call the guys or just me and you
Me: just me and you at the pinnacle again? 
Him: nope lets go to Sharpville shisanyama
Me: ohk kool see you later then.
He left I started working now am gonna take charge of my life.

When I woke up Bongi was gone she took all her bags didn't even leave a note guess this is it she has left me I have been selfish all along maybe am scared to see her happy with someone else or I just love the idea of she is always with me even when I treat her like dirt I don't know. I didn't feel like going to work so I asked Sihle to meet with me at the mall for breakfast I need to talj about this whole pregnancy thing. I am going to be a father wow second chance and I will try not to miss this opportunity a call came in it was Nkosazana. 
Me: hello 
Her: Hey Shezi how are you 
Me : am ohk thanks 
Her: lets do dinner tonight at my place I will cook
Me: your place? Ohk no problem will you send me the location 
Her: yes I will can't wait to see you my husband 
Me: me too wifey see you later.
She hanged up. My life is getting complicated now Bongi has left me I have to deal with Sihle I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. 

Mrs Shezi

Today all my brothers came they will be negotiating Lobala for Mce they were very happy that his getting married its good to have all three of them present. 
Khehla: finally our son is getting married we have been waiting for this day to come.
Me: i know am happy as you are. 
Jabu: hey sisi its bad that we cannot say something good about Mpilo loyo uyasi hlaza (that one is embarrassing us)
Me: I know bhuti.
Mpelini: Kuze uBongi aze ekhaya 
Me: his not marring that girl his marring Nkosazana Zwane the girl we chose for him
Him: ini? (What ) so sisi you went ahead with the plan haibo
Me: we honouring my husband wishes 
Him: if you don't he will haunt you in your dreams? What has the poor girl done to you? You have never loved her why.

My brother Mpelini is Bongi's biggest fan I don't know why I have tried to poison him about Bongi but he wont listen all the other relatives dispise her like I do. 
Me: kodwa bhuti this girl will bring nothing but shame in our family. 
My other brother nodded in agreement.
Me: with all the multiple abortions she did she will never give me grandchildren 
Him: how do you know that? Were you there when she did then were did she tell you that? How do you know it wasn't Mce idea to kill those babies. 
Me: i was never there but..
Him: sisi yeke umona ni kukhohlakala (stoo being jealous and wicked ) let the girl be give her a break.

You know Mpe is something else the way he speaks I think he will pull himself out and go back home and I need him more than the other two he is a good negotiator no lie about that


In few minutes Mce will be having dinner with me I dressed to impress him I dressed in red body hugging dress red lipstick and flat shoes I can't walk in high heels in the kitchen the wine was in the ice bucket I made roasted lamb

creamy spinach and mash potatoes I hope he likes it . I played Puff Johnson album the mood was good. I need to make him trust me and love me it wont be easy but I will do all I can to make him fall for me once everything is in order I will strike squeeze him until he can't breath.

Minutes later he walked in wearing all black he looked tired plus the beard was a big no.
Me: you look tired.
Him: meetings all day 
Me:would you like something to drink
Him: yes I will have anything you drinking I gave him wine 
We sat at the table wining and dining.
The conversation was good but he seemed stressed I made a move and kissed him his not a bad kisser at all. Things started heating up.
Him: zana we can't do this in your father's house 
His voice sounded husky and deep I saw the bulge in his pants
Me: his not here
Him: yes but its wrong i kissed him again he responded I went as far as giving him a head. I heard him groaning he held my head I tried to take him all but I gacked and I realised he loved it. He shot his load on my mouth I kissed him.
Him: let me return the favour 
Me: like you said we cannot do this in my father's house.
Him:ohh but..
Me: goodnight my husband I love you that was me helping get dressed and accompanying him to the door.
I have found his weak spot am slowly getting into him.

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