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Have you ever heard of the saying "when it rains it pours" thats my situation right now I have been thinking about the day I started dating Mce.My life looked like a terrible dream. Am living with Ike for now and yes we still shagging though he wants more than that. The weather outside is a bit cold am wearing Ike track pan and a hoodie. I decided to go back to my place to get the rest of my clothes I can't survive with the little clothes I bought few days ago I took my car keys and drove to my house.

When I got there the house was a mess clothes everywhere and dishes it didn't even smell good it smelt like an animal just died in here. I took the liberty of cleaning it and sorting all his clothes just make it look tidy afterwards I took a shower and changed my clothes when I was still puting on my makeup how I missed it I heard mce talking.
Him: so you back.
I froze it took me time to turn and look at him.
Him: Baby you back.
I turned and looked at him he looked yummy though he didn't shave. I shook my head no.
Him: Bongi please say you really sorry 
Me: sorry doesn't cut it you getting married and I don't want to be your second wife no.
Him:please don't do this.
Me: Mce this wont work ohk.
Him: ohk I will call the wedding off then how about that.
Me: so you doing me a favour? 
Him: no am doing what I think its right.

I took my luggage bag and passed him he held my hand you can see tears in his eyes.
Him: where have you been staying.
Me: at a friends place.
Him: the guy from the gym.
I wanted to lie but this is no time to feel sorry for him
Me: yes
Him: is he your boyfriend? I kept quiet. 
Him: do you love him I didn't answer that. He kissed me I responded lawd I missed his lips and his touch so bad.
Him: I want you. 
Me: no I have to go.
Him: Bongiwe please stay just for one night please let me make love to you.
My inner hoe was clapping hands I already had imagined how good this was going to be but my heart was just against it. He took my clothes off and hissed looking at me.
Him: did you sleep with him
I swallowed hard
He fingered me a moan escaped my mouth. 
He hissed again and fingered me till I came.


Bongi has been living with me I want her to leave his boyfriend but she says she is not ready to I don't know what happened between them she refuses to tell me. I told her I want more than just shagging but she wont give me and am not going to chase after her tha is not my style girls chase me not the other way round. I have never seen a girl that loves a guy the way she loves that guy who betrayed her. She has been betrayed by him and yet she wont leave him how stupid that is.


I may nolonger love Bongi the way I did before but I realised that am too scared to live without her when she left weeks back I felt lonely though I have been meeting with Zana. Sihle wants to meet with me tomorrow at my office I agreed to it I have to talk to her also. Right now am confused and in a messy situation how did I even get here how did my life became this complicated? I can't believe she allowed someone to fuck her that did hurt I didn't sleep with her I just fingered her she looked so vulnerable and has lost weight it dawn to me that I have been selfish all along. I am marrying Zana that wont change I think I have to let her go.She woke up.
Her: I think I must leave 
Me: no stay don't go lets talk about this you can't keep running away from me.
Her: do you love me? Have you ever loved me 
Me: I have loved you and I think I still do.
Her: ohk lets try one more time. 
I felt relieved and confused one minute she wont be a second wife the the next she wants too 
Her: but I wont be your wife is either me or her.
Snap now am in a corner


In the morning when I woke up Mce was not home he went to work I decided that later on I will pass by his work place for lunch right now I did my nails and went for a job interview I had a body hugging dress and my braids were in a bun. The interview went ohk though I can't say I got a job. I drove to his work place after the interview I bought him lunch. When I approached his office I had him arguing with a female person.

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