After Bongi left i felt tired that girl really knows her business she never dissapoints I was busy fixing myself then my business partner came in his name is Bokang Molefi we went to the same college he studied marketing while I did graphic design we had one thing in common which was starting our own business since finding a job was a bit difficult 
Him:hey bro hows the campaign coming along
Me:it is coming just good this is going to be a killer one let me show you the designs the marketing team we have bro its the best.
Him:yeah show me let me ask Tracy to bring in coffee for us.
Me:am good man you can have it I just had breakfast with Bongi
Him:Yeah I saw her leaving you one lucky guy man plus your office smell like you just had a patlapatla(sex )
We both laughed while looking at the designs


I went to the mall I needed to do some bit of shopping and do my nails when i bumped into my gym friend Lerato she's very bubbly and full of life I could do with a friend like that her energy just rubs on you.
Me: hey girl what are you doing here
Her:hey babe am going to work I work at Panarroties am a waitress 
and you why you here
Me: i came to do some shopping My groceries will be finished soon so I need to fill it up and do my nails
Her: ohk our session today was really good I saw Ike busy eying you today well he does that all the time.
Ike is our gym instructor his dark chocolate everything on his body is in position his smile just so bright and white every lady likes to talk about him and his not the guy for me anyway. 
Me:I bet his eying every lady in our gym and maybe I wasnt doing anything right thats why he had his eyes on me .
She left and I went did my shopping. 



I attended all my classes today I felt so numb usually I only attend one or two depending on my mood I attended all of them since i have to submit my assignments. After class I went to my room took a shower and dressed i wore a yellow dress and peach hills tied my braids into a bun put on a lil bit of makeup its hot so i can't put on a heavy makeup I don't want my face to be messy. I looked good am a size 28 don't have big booty and boobs am a yellow bone got thick lips and big eyes I got a body of models. Took my bag and sent a text to Mcedisi letting him know am on my way. 
...we met at the restaurant and I ordered macaroni with cheese and wine he ordered pizza. We had a chat talking about his businesse and I was telling him about school . I Felt horny well that's what wine does to you i excused myself went to the rest room...when i got there took off my panties and started rubbing my clitorus well I can't tell Mce that I wanna have sex with him am still shy to say that i rubbed myself till the juices came out i wiped myself then went back to our table 
Him: wow you took long 
Me:yeah I know sorry about that i slipped my panties in his pocket.
Him:whats that ?
Me:for you to see at your own time lets just say its a pressy I winked at him
Him:oh really?he put his hand under my dress squeezed my clit i bit my lips 
Not know honey when the time is right will do it ohk i dnt want to rush you.

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