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t 25💕

The drive back to the Vaal was so long I don't know how many times I slept woke up and am still on the road can't wait to see Mce I missed him I hope this time he will be good to me cause honestly if if he hits me again am gonna fight back. I didn't remind him that am coming back hope to find him home phela there's nothing boring like getting home and find it empty just a simple house to let. I looked at the pictures I took with my family I wished I stayed even longer with them but I have to finish writing my test then everything will go back to normal I posted some of the pictures on instagram with the caption "family values " then went through my Facebook page just browsing through saw Mcedisi's post "can't wait to see you future wifey" yey I got so excited he sees the future with me yey I was all smiles man maybe his gonna propose and I gladly say I do.

I arrived at Johannesburg found Ike waiting for me he looked absolutely good in a blue denim and white tshirt do guys even understand how yummy they look when they dressed in simple clothes like Ike.
Him: welcome back Sibongile 
Me: how many times must I tell you its Bongiwe Ikaneng 
We both laughed and hugged 
Me: hao be a gentleman carry my bags for me.
Him: so many bags yoh he took my bags to his car.
Him:am starving lets go grab a quick bite then go home
Me: ohk I feel like a BigMac.
Him: me too lets hurry up
We went to MacDs holding hands I don't know why we were holding hands but I felt comfortable with it which is something I wouldn't do if it was any guy.


In the morning I woke up feeling so nauseous that I skipped all the morning classes Luyanda is not around she went to visit her parents meaning she will come back in the afternoon. I couldn't keep anything down so immediately when I got better I went to the chemist to buy home pregnancy tests . I took a bath and dressed in a simple military green dress my breast are starting to feel tender too.

When I got near the chemist I saw Kyle's car I hurried up when I saw him walking out with his wife laughing they seemed happy they had matching outfits forn and black his wife looked pretty than in the pictures I saw in his office. I felt tears stinging my eyes I quickly blinked them away and walked to them he saw me but looked to his wife side and kissed her on a cheek man my heart sank down to my stomach. I got inside the shop looked around until the shop assistant came and helped me she explained to me how they work and which one I should buy but I brought 3 different tests and hurried back to res. I hope Luyanda is not back so i took the test and prayed am not the type that prayes but today I found myself praying
Me: God please do not let me be pregnant please I promise I will focus on my books and end things with married man.
When I opened my eyes all the test had two lines shit I cried what in the world have I got myself into ? My family will be so dissapointed in me . I cried so bad that I even fell asleep I was woken up by Luyanda she had one test in her hand when I saw it I cried again.
Her : chomi askies don't cry please everything will be fine.
Me: no nothing will be fine my mom will kill me Lu 
Her: no she wont babe she wont don't cry please she hugged me.
Me:Lu you don't understand ohk I don't even think the baby daddy will want me to keep the child 
Her: what?? The baby daddy is the blesser you told me about?
I looked at her without saying anything.


When I got home the house was dark does this mean Mce is not home gosh I walked in switched on the lights and saw rose petals on the floor I followed them and found Mce looking hella yummy in slim fit blue pants and a crisp white shirt hell I got wet in an instant 
Him: you look beautiful and he hugged me
Wow first time he complemented me and I was just wearing a simple jean and a ginger shirt. We sat down and had dinner 
Afterwards we had a very steaming love session his tounge licked every corner of my pot i exploded on his lips he picked me up and made me face the wall while he was hissing and kissing my neck a moan escaped my mouth 
Me: Mce please make love to me 
Him: your wish is my command

He inserted his cock in my pot and stroke me his finger was playing on my clit as if his playing a piano .Our moarns and groans filled the room I he picked me up and I sat on top of him while his helping me to go up and down on him 
Me:ohh my ohhh my
Him:ahh yes baby yes
Me: ohhh am coming oh Mce am coming
He took my nipple in his mouth
This felt so good it sent shivers on my spine.

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