Bongi agreed to come to my place but we driving in separate cars man am so excited I could feel my member getting up am gonna get in her pants and my member was getting more hard as if I haven't had sex in a longest time. We arrived at my place gave her tour I live in a bachelor pat with one bedroom an suit bathroom downstairs its a kitchin combined with a lounge. She seemed to like my place we sat down had some wine with snacks we had a flowing conversation she can talk yerrr .
Me: what kind of music do you love
Her: i like old school RnB 
Me: wow you not into house music?
I played the music she likes getting her to relax she told me alot about her self even when she spoke about her parents you could see she wants to cry but she holding her tears back. I asked her to dance with me she stood up and danced with me. We danced to Aliyah at your best. She loosened her body allowing me to be in charge of her body I moved her all around the room and we stoped staring each other in the eye our nosed touched as I was about to kiss her she pulled back 
Her: sorry I have to go 
She left in a hurry leaving me standing there alone 
Me: shiiit dammit 



I ran as fast as I can to my car I got it breathing heavily shit what happened in there? Was I going to kiss the guy what the hell. I switched on the radio played Tamia loving you still and drove to my place.



Bokang came we went to vaal walk he bought me clothes then we to kfc to have lunch I ordered two box masters and coke I didn't feel like eating chicken and Bokang made a fuss about it I mean he eats chicken every day so ha eme hanyane ka kgoho hle.
Him: How about we go to my cousins place after this 
Me: I don't think its a good idea what will his parents say mara
Him: no he lives alone so you have nothing to worry about 
Me: ohk I see but babe I cant just go there 
Him: nxai maan Sihle keng nou ketswa Bloem ketlela wena then you gonn tell me you cant spend just one night with me ? Keng vele ao sa ncanywa na?
Me: I do love you just that you inconvenience me I should have packed an overnight bag mis
Him:akere keo reketse diphahlo so jaive ekae da ai maan Hlehle ari vaye 
We left to Sharpville where his cousin live its not a beautiful house just a RDP house with old furniture his cousin was very welcoming he introduced himself as Sporo thats what everyone calles him his real name is Mahlomola.
We had drinks it was alcohol everywhere I felt like I was about ti vomit so I ran to the bathroom all the alcohol I have been consuming came back I searched my bag found missed calls on my phone but what I was looking for was not in my bag shit am screwed.


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