´╗┐Prologue (Flash back) I have spent the last 3 days running away from the village hunters Lord knows what they will do if they find me I have not had anything to eat except drinking water from the river how I found myself in town its a story of another day all I want is to eat then rest my head the run has taken all my energy I walk around looking for where I could sit and sing maybe I will get few zim dollars to buy bread just bread nothing more. Everyone is going up and down the street vendors calling out people to buy their products others are fighting to carry the peoples bags no one even cares to notice that am in my night dress. I walked to the side of the bus session here you find buses that go to the capital city

South AfricaMozambique and other neighboring countries I picked up take away plate looks like the person didn't finish his rice and fish I ate the left overs. I felt someone touching my shoulder Voice: Purity Nyakunda. I slowly turned it was our family friend Mr Alfred Chirwa Me: Mangwanani Papa Chirwa Him: how are you my child we have been looking for you Me:please don't take me back they will kill me please Him: I won't take you back and am really sorry about what happened to your family Me: can you help me Him: how ?I don't understand Me:please take me with you to South Africa I will do anything just be away from this place. He kept quite and thought very hard about what I said .I said a little prayer to the universe just hope this time it will respond on time. Him : alright my child you will get on that bus when we reach the border you will get off and follow others who don't have a passport to the river I hope you are a good swimmer or else you will drawn. Me: I do know how to swim. Him: very well then my child you may get it. A new start of life will begin in South Africa and I hope the nightmare that has happend here in Zimbabwe will be buried. My name is Purity Nyakunda. . . . Being a nerd has always been a problem other kids would bully me and ask me to do their home works do you know how painful it is to write 2 home works of the school bullies including mine I never had time for TV or play with my peers and that made my parents very proud plus that means am out of their face I won't be a nuisance they will do whatever they wanted to do a tv producer and an actress Mr Isaac and Sara Baloyi. They were forever at work forgetting about their daughter who needed them I found comfort in food especially when am upset I will binge myself with food then later on throw up. Girl1: ekse sbhumbesh you done with my homework Me: yes am done here it is Girl1: ai mara wena o bohlale Shilkwembu Me: am Khensani not Xikwembu Girl2: like we care sweetie now I want you to write this essay for me Me: you pushing it Hilda Her: did you just call me by my name? How many times must I tell you that my name is Mshoza. I almost laughed this girl is white and she wants to be called Mshoza I wonder if Mshoza knows that white girls wants to be just like her. I took her essay book and went to my driver Paul.My name is Khensani Baloyi . . . I have known pain I knew pain from the day I was five years old that was when I got my first beating from my grandmother Agnes one tough cookie she will beat us me and my siblings and say "ke leshapa hobane ke lerata"(am beating you cause I love you). I have two younger sisters Lebo and Kholofelo. My grandmother beatings never stopped a lot of people will call it abuse but I would like to call it discipline. Our parents died in a taxi accident and we never spoke about them Agnes never allowed us to talk about them in her house or even visit their grave we don't church rules. Me: Khukhu hurry up ausi Agnes will be here in no time Her: am almost done do you think Lebo will want something to eat Me: she will you know that she is always hungry leave some for her so she can eat. You will find me outside. Her: don't forget to wait for me by the window Me: ohk hurry up. She always eats slowly should Agnes finds us in her house she will kill us we got in the house through the window cause she left with the key when she went to church with Lebo. The pain I know is from all her beatings and some harsh words she will use on me . My name is Hlompho Ledwaba. . . . Both my parents are strict and know the importance of education if you wanted them to buy you something you have to work hard for it make sure that your marks are not below 50 . I took extra lessons everyday after school. My parents have always been proud of me even on family gatherings they will brag about me and that made me feel uncomfortable around my cousins cause they will call me a snob forgetting that I struggle a lot to get my marks I have to take extra lessons. Me: Ma can I have money to go to Gold reef city with my friends Her: did you finish your homework Me: yes ma am done Her: bring my bag and Shane please don't come home late Me: I wont mom Am not going to Gold reef am going to some tarvern in Alexander what I love about my body and height is I look 18 when am only 16 years old. I changed my clothes in a jean and a white uzzi tshirt and carvella and called my friend I have the latest phone samsungE250. My name is Shane Nkosi

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