Author: Mosidi Ntsuntsha

Purity untold story


Hlompho Me:am here for Jao Him:and you are? Me: Hlompho Baloyi Him:wait here I will be back. I have never been this scared the guy who opened the door for me is very scary he has tattoos on his face even his accent is a bit strange am not sure if his French or Portuguese. He came back and let me in I was offered a glass of whiskey but I politely refused "you don't eat or drink something that comes from strangers" Agnes words echoed in my ears I looked around as if I will see her. Him: my name is Jao and that's my friend Domingo. Me: pleasure meeting you both can we get to business Him: sure you not a man of many words I see. We exchanged the goods they spoke in a language that I don't even I understand why don't I have someone who will translate for me. Me: Uhm English please. Dom: well we were saying we are very happy for this diamonds this will bring us good money. Me: that is very good gentleman Jao: well Mr Hlormpho it was a pleasure doing business with you. Please send my greetings to Isaac and give him this. He gave me a bottle of whiskey straight from Italy. Him: that is one expensive bottle you have be careful with it and that drug boy. We shook hands and I drove back to my hotel room something was bothering me looks like I have been followed. *** Purity I woke up feeling happy with no tears or a pain in on my throat. I washed my face and brushed my teeth

I joined Shane for breakfast. He seems like a morning person. I hugged him from behind Me: you always happy Him:you know me very well Me:what's for breakfast Him: cereal unless you feel like standing on the stove. Me: anything you having I will eat. He smiled at me something about him that makes my heart warm l wish it was simple to tell him about my life but it is difficult it's not easy for me to say what happened to my family. Me: what's with the smile Him: you were laughing in your sleep seems like your dream was full of blissful moments. Me: you were watching me sleeping Him: I do that all the time and I know it's weird. Me: you should stop that Him: Tapela and Given were mentioned again. Are they your siblings? I slowly nodded and looked at my dish Him: what happened to them ? Did the Zim army take them away from you. I nodded gosh why am I lying to himwhy can't I say they died in the fire. Him:am sorry Purity come here. I got up and hugged him as I let my tears fall on his chest. When will I ever forget about this horrible tragedy. ***** Hlompho Just after a few hours I have been in my hotel room somebody knocked and said he brought my room service and I don't remember calling in for a room service the person was so persistent about it I decided on opening the door and chase him. I gun was pointed me. Him: put your hands where I can see them Me: what do you want Him: you have something very important that we desperately need. Me: what? You have the wrong guy Him: relax we have the right person. They searched the hotel room am assuming they looking for the drug if they don't find it they will kill me and if they take it Agnes and Lebo will be in danger. Him: where is the drug boy? Me: I don't know what you talking about Him: you know very well ..where is it or am going to kill you Me: I swear I don't know Him:ohk then your pretty wife will die Me: please don't kill her she knows nothing Him: will see about it. They left I had to call Isaac and he was not picking up even Adzi was not answering his phone I left a voice message . Me: Adzi we have a situation here some guys came looking for the drug and since they didn't get it they coming after Khensi please make sure she is safe. *****

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