Hlompho I had one of those meetings again with Isaac and Adze I hope this time they won't be telling me about abduction but tell me that they letting me go. The meeting was in a golf club in Midrand . Me:gentlemen They replied in unison and we had our cognac over the conversion Adzi: Hloms there's something I want you to do for me Me: I hope it has nothing to do with the girls Him: no I have some diamonds with me I need you to take them to Cape Town Me:what? Him: relax you won't get caught you will be meeting up with a guy called Jao Me: am not interested you can ask Reginald he won't mind Him: its not a request you going to do it Me:or else what? He showed me a picture of Agnes and Lebo my heart broke is he being serious?I may have not been in touch with them but I love and care about them. Isaac: I know you still love them so what is it going to be? Me: if I do it you won't touch them Him:we won't son and you get to use your surname again Me: I will do it then Him:that's my boy now as Adze was saying Jao is a very important client of ours so you will give him those diamonds in exchange of the new drug we will be supplying this drug no one has it its new on the market and we the first ones to have it. Me:so you will be killing people with this drug Him: no no don't put words in our mouth this drug is for people who are bored and have money to spend and remember we will pay you 200k for this. I didn't say anything I will meet up with this Jao person asking as they won't touch my family. ****** Khensi Me: guys I need you to send all this applications to all the universities we have some of our girls have applied in Cape Town and Durban Zora: will do and there's someone who is waiting for you in your office Me:who? Her: Lebo I went to my office to find the crying Lebo she suffers from depression we try all our best to give our girls the best advise as possible. Me: me what's wrong baby Her:sis Khensi my grandmother hates me I haven't had anything to eat and am on my periods. Me: why didn't you ask Zora for sanitary towels? You know we give you guys that for free even the food. Her:sis Khensi am I a bad person? Me: no why do you say that? Her: because my sister and brother don't care about me they living their own lives and they don't come home to check on me unless if I go to her sometimes I don't find her I find her friends Me: am sorry to hear that we are a family we care so don't worry.have you applied at any university you want? Her:no I don't think I should be persuing something next year besides who will look after my grandmother when am gone? Me: Lebo do you want to turn out like your sister or brother? Her:am already like them. She stands up and leaves am not sure I understand her statement. ****** Purity I have been avoiding Khukhu and Shane for weeks this two should learn to stay away from my business and let me handle my demons the way I want. a very faint knock came in Me:come in. I turned and it was Khukhu I rolled my eyes and carried on with folding my clothes. Her: can we talk Me:am busy as you can see Her: Neria I don't understand why you mad at me I mean I did what was best for us Me:best for us?who is us? Why didn't you tell me that Hlompho was at the club I had to hear from Jeff and his bimbos Her:I didn't think it was important I mean he left us Me:yes he left us but you talked to him what was that about Her:my phone numbers but I didn't give him Me:what?are you stupid why didn't you don't you see his trying to reach out and you chased him away what's wrong with you..you know very well I need him in my life you know very well that I still love him Her:Neria wake up and smell the coffee. Hlompho has moved on with his life his getting married soon. Do you think he would want to pick up where he left off with you? Look around youyou are a hostess and a prostitude who has nothing but matric he is rich doesn't have time for poor people like you

move on Purity and get your head out of the clouds he left us he don't care about us and yet you want to find him and work things out what a waste of time nxa. She stormed out and banged my door I felt helpless I wanted to cry but want is the point of crying for someone who hasn't made any contact for years. ***** Shane Its our date night I hope she didn't forget since she has been avoiding me I bought her rose and drove to her place I hope she is home I knocked twice and some girl opened for me. Me:Hi am Shane Nkosi Her: Busi Mpofu can I help you Me: yes am looking for Purity is she home Her:yes come in I will call her for you. She disappeared in one of the rooms and came back with her she was in her pijamas when she saw me she turned around I had to follow her. Me: why are you not ready Her: what are you doing here? Me:date night did you forget Her: no I didn't I told you that I need to be alone Me:Purity what is going on why can't you open up for me Her:Shane I told you that am fine Me:you not fine you hurting please talk to me. I know you don't trust me but you need to trust me. Her: Shane I.. I kissed her she tried pulling back I pulled her back in our breathing started changing I got my hand in her panties she was already moist I played with her bean a little and she moaned"Shane please stop" part of me wanted to carry on the other wanted to stop I pulled her shorts down and buried my head in her pot I licked every cream that came out and her moans were not going to stopshe exploded in my mouth and I made her taste herself. Me: have dinner with me please Her:alright let me take a shower then. Me:that's my girl.

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