Khensi I didn't here Hlompho when he got back last night all I know is I was wrapped in his arms and that felt really good.I smiled to myself and woke him up he slowly opened his eyes and smiled at me his smile was warm and full of love. Me:how are you my love Him:am good shiluvha sanga(my flower) I blushes and pecked his lips he sure knows how to wake my butterflies. Him:did I tell you how much I love you? Me:you tell me everyday Him:I love you Khensani your happiness means a lot to me. I want to ask you something Me:go ahead ask me Him:if I choose any road will you come with me? Me:yes I will. Him: then we moving out at the end of the week I think we need our own privacy Me:and where are we going to stay? Him:we will look around Me:ohk will see. He kissed me and we had one steamy session how he moved slowly on top of me those kisses he would plant on my neck and boobs his breath on my neck sent me into the world of milk and honey. ****** Purity My life is not perfect no one knows what is like losing the only family you have and the ones you call your relatives have a hand in the murder of your parents and siblings I had two younger brother Tapela who was 10 and Given who was 4 years old if I know can stand before me and tell me that pain is when you giving birth or when you have broken up with someone then you don't know pain. Pain is when you lose your loved ones and you will never ever in your life see them again how I wish they were still alive. I decided to visit Shamiso its been a while not seeing her and I have promised to see her good thing is she was at home she didn't go sell her feather dusters or collect money from people who bought feather dusters on credit. Me:am glad you home am sorry to come unannounced Her:don't be silly this is your home Me:I know mama I got up and hugged herher scent really assured me that I was home I let my tears fall she rubbed my back and calm me down. Me:its hard mama life has been kicking me really hard Her:tell me more Me:I have been having those nightmares again mama Her:do you pray like I taught you I shook my head no nomatter how many times I pray the universe never listens they just go no where I gave up on prayer I gave up on God Her:Purity you need to let go of this pain you have its not your fault that your family is nomore baby life goes on I don't think your parents would want you to hold back like this. Me:I wish I could have saved them mama Her : you pleaded with them to let them go you pleaded with them to let your family out of that house. I don't know what happens but somehow my mind went back to that horrible place I heard the screams of the angry villagerssaw that big flame and my family was inside the house sleeping while the house was burning down. Me:am begging you let them go..get them out of the house they going to die please they did nothing wrong to you please. I felt warm hands touching me and I knew it was Shamiso she hugged me and I cried very hard. Her: Hush baby it will be over soon cry as much as you want take that pain out its time to let it out and heal my child . That flame kept on playing in my head the screams were not going to be over I kept on screaming for Tapela wishing he could hear me but he never did. I cried until I fell asleep by the time I woke up it was already late for me to go back to Jozi. ******** Hlompho After work my colleagues invited me for drinks in a club in Braamfontein clubs are not my kind of scene but since Khensi said she is having a girls night out with her mother and friends I thought its better to get two cold ones then go back home.Club Eclipse looks fresh and the vibe is out of this place and of course some people saw me and they wanted tobtake pictures with me I couldn't say no to my supporters remember they voted for me. A hostess by the name of Relo escorted us to the VVIP session here is where all the celebrities BBBEEmayors all the important people chill saw some few people smocking cigars each table had its own hostess. We got ourselves Ballantines and had some great conversation I was really enjoying myself when my eyes landed on someone I thought I will never see Me: Kholofelo... Our eyes locked for a while then she turned her heels and went back where she came from am assuming she was in the kitchen placing an order of food cause her try had some food. I excused myself and went to the bar I asked the barman if he could call her for me. Me:hola boss Him:awe Buddha Me:ngcela irhentse nyana..ngfriyza ungibizele uKholofelo Him:Kholofelo?? Me: yes she is wearing a mustard dress Him:alright wait will call her for you. Minutes later she comes and stands in front of me I wanted to hug and kiss her but am scared to give my sister a hug. Me:Khukhu how are you Her:am good can I help you with something Me:its me Hlompho please tell me that you remember me Her:I do know who you are just that I don't know what you want from me Me:can we talk somewhere Her:no as you can see am busy and please don't bother me. I don't want to talk or see you again Me:Kholofelo am sorry can I have your phone numbers then Her: no you deserted us you forgot about us then you want me to give you my number?stay away from us we don't need you just like you don't need us and please don't ever set your foot here you will complicate our lives. She turned her heels and left me feeling confused my very own sister wants nothing to do with me. I wonder how is Lebo and Agnes are doing are they coping well. ****** Shane Me: where are you Her:am at my mothers Me:your mother's? Her:my guardian Me:you were supposed to be at here Her:I know that's why I called you am sorry for not coming Me:are you ohk send me your location I will pick you up Her: its dangerous here Shane I will come tomorrow She sounded so down and her voice was husky. Why can't she allow me to help her I deeply care about her. Me:Purity please allow me to come there even if you don't come back with me I want to see you. Her: Shane am not good company I want to sleep goodnight Me:I love.. She hanged up on me I felt defeated. Purity is going threw a lot of things she doesn't want anyone to help her even her best friend doesn't know how to help her she has this huge wall she built around her she won't let no one in truth is I want her to let me in and help her with whatever demons she is facing. *******

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