Author: Mosidi Ntsuntsha

Purity untold story


Purity I woke up to an empty bed this means Mr mayor has gone back to his wife he left a note and cash by my bed side"thanks for a wonderful night" I squashed the paper and went to the bathroom to do my hygiene then ordered a room service everything I will eat will be on his tab after my breakfast I requested for an uber to drop me at my flat. Good thing is I have enough money to contribute on the groceries don't want the girls to be breath down my neck. When I arrived at my flat found Khukhu and Ziyanda arguing I greeted them no one replied I passed them and went to my room I changed my clothes into a short and a crop topI listened to their argument and still don't get what is all aboutI went back to the kitchen someone needs to stop them before they kill each other. Me:guys what's going on Ziyands: ask your sister here she thinks she is smart Me:Khukhu? Khukhu: no this one is mad cause I ate eggs Her:she didn't buy eggs matter of fact she didn't contribute on the groceries but has the guts to eat eggs she didn't buy. Me:so all this noise its because of eggs?you guys you need to grow up Zee:grow up? Did you just say that? Me:yes food is food no need to fight for it and if it will make you better will buy your eggs..and please keep it down some of us need to rest. I walked back to my room I heard her clicking her tounge. Ziyanda is a problem she complains about food and everything she is like that greedy mother or aunt who will hide food every time when her relatives comes to visit. ******* Hlompho Isaac Baloyi came in our make up room I was getting prepared to shoot a scene I had to look like someone who was crying after losing his parent. He asked our make up artist Glenda to excuse us. I looked at him waiting for him to speak. Him:what is this nonsense you feeding my daughter? What is this rubbish of the Ledwaba surname Me:I told you before that am a Ledwaba but you insisted on making me use your surname Him:remember you never had any identity I took you cleaned you and made who you are and today you going to tell me about Ledwaba??you know you nothing without me Me:more like you nothing without me Isaac I made you rich when your career in this industry was fading I made sacrifices for you remember those Diamonds I stole for you?remember Marko? Who killed him? Him:but that money put you through school you had the best education money can buy Me:yes because I was helping you to redeem yourself right the media was crucifying you and I had to still diamonds from that Indian family and killed Marko so he won't snitch on you. Him:boy you don't know which side of bread has butter on Me:I know very well Isaac is either I get my surname and do things according to the book or I tell Khensi about you your choice. I got up and walked to the door I looked at him Me:we got a scene to shoot so come with me. I helped him get the diamonds from the Moodley family his career was already fading and he had lot of debts those diamonds got him money to get him back on his feetto get his own production and film the only person who knew was his best friend Marko he wanted a share of the money Isaac refused so he was going to snitch on himthe only thing that was going to silence him was death.He has a lot of shaddy deals and I know about them because am part of those deals his wife and daughter know nothing aboutthe only thing that was going to silence him was death.He has a lot of shaddy deals and I know about them because am part of those deals his wife and daughter know nothing aboutthe drugsdiamondspouching of rhino horns and the human trafficking business he has. ****** Shane I thought about what my parents said and getting married is something I don't want am still young all I want is to have fun that's all I have girls that I take hone if I need to release Purity is one of them but she is special sometimes we don't have sex we cuddle and listen to her stories just have a nice pillow talkthe girls I sleep with I don't take them out for dinner or get them gifts only Purity knows our dinner nights and the gifts I get for her. My manager Jimmy walked in with some papers I had to sign. Him:can you sign this for me I signed the papers while talking to her Me:did you manage without me He nodded as he kept on giving me papers looks like am going to sign none stop Me:and the girls did they all report to duty last night Him: yes they did and I know you asking about Purity she has been on her best behavior lately Me:that's good thought she was going to give grey hair Him:no she didn't but. . Me:but what? Him:she left with Mayor last night Me:Zwide or Kgomo Him: Zwide you know she leaves with different men everyday especially when you not around. I sighed at the thought of her leaving with Zwide Me:are we done here? Him: yeah we done. Thanks bro Me:what time is she coming in tonight? Him: she is on her way as we speak..I don't know what you like about her she has no self respect and I hope you using... Me:thought you said we done and close the door on your way out. He left I texted her asking her to come by my office as soon as she set her foot in the building. Me:Purity what are you doing to me...shit ******* Purity I wasn't feeling like going to work I thought of calling in sick but when I saw a text from Shane my face was filled with a smile.Khukhu walked in while I was watching Greene pasturesHlompho still looks like flames those hazel brown eyes and when he was crying on tv I felt like giving him a hug. Khukhu stood in front of the TV. Me:Khukhu move Her:ain't you supposed to be at work Me:I will after this Her:girl we going to be late the last thing I need is Jimmy on my face. Me:just look at Hlompho don't you miss him Her: Miss who?he died along time ago he died the day he left and never came back for us Me:I miss him hey everyday She laughed really hard and clapped her hands Her:I doubt that he thinks about usrich people like him don't think about peasant like us so babes come back to earth and stop dreaming about him. She pulled me up and we walked to Braamfontein. The first person I saw was Shane and looks like his talking to Zwide when he saw me he signaled me to come to his office .I followed him and closed the door behind me. Him:I missed you come here I went to him he kissed me Him: heard you have been a bad girl last night..Zwide huh Me: am sorry but you know that... Him:you spending a night with me right? I smiled at him I know how much he hates when I leave with different men but I try to respect him by not leaving with them in his presence. I kissed him again I felt his cock pressed on my stomach I stopedd and looked at him Him: get back to work see you when you knock off. I returned to work I entertained few of our old and new clients Khukhu was working on the table of the mayors. *******

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