Author: Mosidi Ntsuntsha

Purity untold story


 Hlompho Khensi asked to have dinner with me at one of her favour restaurant in Morning side we never go out that much because am avoiding the paparazzi this people write about anything they can even write about you eating your own snot I prefer keeping my life private. We made our order beef with greek salad. My fiance is beautiful no lies but her insecurities are something else. Me:feels good to be out for a change Her:sounds like you have been suffocating in that house Me:I was babe and your mom is always on my case what's her story. Her: she is just looking out for her daughter. Me: Khensi am serious about you taking my surname Her:babe let's not ruin a beautiful night please Me: we not and I have been thinking that maybe we should find our own place . Her: Dad won't allow that Me:come on think about it. I think we should find our own place being in the Baloyi mansion its suffocating we can't solve our own problem without them interfering in our business we don't even have privacy her mother would walk in on us kissing or having sex our opinions or privacy don't matter to them. . . . Shane. I came back from Durban few days ago I must say my business is booming I recently opened a club "Durb lifestyle" the hype there is amazing what's left is to launch it which will happen in the next coming weeks right now we were doing the final touch ups. I drove to my parents house they said they want to talk to me about something and I hope it won't be about me getting married or opening clubs which both my parents are totally against it my parents are not open minded when it comes to this for them I should have been an engineer of some company or being a teacher or lawyer those kind of boring career. When I got home I was welcomed by my moms chicken stew I can't remember the last time I had a home cooked meal. I greeted her and my younger sister Shirly ran up to me she has grown and looks exactly like my momI spinned her around then kissed my mom on the cheek. Me: where is dad Her:in his study you know your father is always working Me:is it safe to go in Her: go will call you once we done setting up the table. I went to his study and knocked twice before he let's me in when he saw it was me he came to me and we shook hands. Me:obusy kang? Him: ah you know preparing for my next lecture lesson. My father is a mathematics professor and my mother is the matron of our local clinic now you know why they against me running a club. Me:so papa whats the meeting all about? Him:its not a meeting we just want to see our son thats all. Me: are you sure Him: yes Shirly tells me you were in Durban ore tletse eng? Me: I didnt get time to buy gifts and besides you get them all the time. He laughed we talked for a while then my mom called us for dinner we had it over a nice conversation listening to Candy stories telling us about school she is a nerd following dads footsteps. Ma: so Shane ware o nyala neng? Me:am not ready for that thats a big step ma Her:big step?so you planning on being single forever Me: no just that am not ready right now am still working on my career. Dad:and we not getting any younger seun re batla ditloholo le makoti. Ma:do you even have a girlfriend? Me: not Her:ao bathong then how are we going to have grandchildren. Dad:on a serious note son you must get married we have talked about this before so please leave this fuck boy business. I dont know why my parents feel the need to pressure me into getting married I dont even know what is like to be in a serious relationship and I do enjoy having fun with Purity and other girls. . . . Purity "Stop her before she gets away she must join her family ..stop her" I kept running for my life the village hunters were chasing me I ran as fast as I could I didnt look back I wasnt even sure if they still chasing me as I dissapeared in the bush the only time I stopped to take a break was when I was few kilometers away from my village but news travel fast someone will find me and send me back home. I woke up from this horrible nightmare breathing heavely breathing I was even sweating I checked the time on my phone it 3:30 am I got of from bed Him:where you going come back Me:I need the bathroom Him:hurry up and come give daddy some love Me:alright daddy I rolled my eyes and closed the door I looked myself in the mirror and the dream played back in my head again tears streamed down my eyes as I kept hearing angry voices of people shoutingcursing I covered my ears and slowly sat down and let out a soft sob.I wish this memory I have would dissapear but it never does everything kept playing vividlya knock on the door forced me to compose myself. Him:ey Purity ufile lapho Me:ngiyeza Him:hurry up dont keep me waiting Me:am coming Zwide. I splashed my face with water then wiped it with a towela knock on the door forced me to compose myself. Him:ey Purity ufile lapho Me:ngiyeza Him:hurry up dont keep me waiting Me:am coming Zwide. I splashed my face with water then wiped it with a towel I looked at myself in the mirror the girl am seeing has never known happiness Zwide kept on calling me I took a deep breath before walking out. I found him sitting at the edge of the bed rubbing his big stomach. Him:kumba(come) Me: am coming Mr mayor I walked up to him and he stood up he instructed me to go down on my knees and he shoved his cock in my mouth causing me to gack I wrapped my hand around his cock. Him:keep your hands behind your back Missy and look at me. I kept on gacking and tears were escaping the corner of my eyes as he enjoys himself and shot his load in my mouth I had to swallow cause that's what he loves and wants his girls to do. ******* Khensi Me: papa can we talk? Him: what's wrong nono tshama hanzi(sit down) Me:papa I would love to take the Ledwaba surname Him:nono.. Me:papa its wrong Hlompho is not your son its only fair that I take his surname I mean we love each other where have you seen a guy taking his wife surname unless his gay. Him: our surname is very important we protecting our own legacy here Me:papa you can protect it not on my expense and happiness.. Hlompho will leave me is that what you want Him:his not stupid he knows what will happen to him Me:papa what you doing is wrong Him:you never met any of his family members yet you want his surname? Me: that's because you keeping him from his family what is that you or he has against you ? Him: Khensani watch your tone girly you not too old to get a beating. We were interrupted by a knock he let the person in it was some guy I never met before he looked very buff with tattoos on his forearm and had dreadlocks his accent was a bit strange he sounded French something about him was disturbingI know all the guys my dad is in the import and export business with but this one I never met him. He introduced himself as Mario. Me: will talk later papa Him: no this conversation is over nono. I walked out and went to prepare myself for work I thought I will never be bullied by my own parents but I was wrong everything must go their way if not that they will remind you about their family "legacy" as if I asked to be their only child. ***

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