Author: Mosidi Ntsuntsha

Purity untold story


" Purity I stood by the mirror admiring the girl I see I looked like a million dollar in a black body hugging dress red suet heel and my dreadlocks tied Into a bun. I took a twill l one more time and did those smile exercises that my guardian always talks about. I said a little prayer to the universe to have a wonderful night without worrying about my life and hope nothing goes wrong since its a norm that every year on my birthday something bad is bound to happen.My phone vibrated it was a bank notification R2000 deposited into my account from Shane

his my boss and a good friend although he wants more than just to be friends but I don't see myself with him I mean the life am living there's no space for relationships. I went to the living room to eat before going out with Khukhu one of the girls we share a flat with was watching Green pastures I sat down and joined her. Her:but this guy is all sorts of flames you know Me: he is Hlompho Ledwaba Her: his Hlompho Baloyi Me:what? Since when Her:since forever let me show you his instagram account We browsed through it there were not many pictures most of them he was on set. I wonder why he changed his surname Khukhu came and we walked to News cafe this is going to be a goodnight Shane texted asking about my where about I replied his text and switched my phone off. ***** Hlompho I looked at the picture I took with Purity one last time this picture it carried a sentimental value to me all the memories I had with her and my sisters I remember the last time I saw them till today I last saw them in 2012 its been six years not making any contact with them. I blinked the tears away as I remembered Agnes words"monna me nku ha alle(men don't cry). The door opened Her:dinner is ready Me:ohk let's go eat babe Her:what's that in your hand Me:ah its nothing just a picture Her: alright let's go eat before Mama starts complaining. I live with the Baloyi family I have been living with them since I started working for them. I did want us to have our own place but they said we can't move out in leave them alone in a huge house besides them stopping me from making contact with my family I don't like how they take decisions for us and always meddling my relationship with their daughter. Him: I still don't believe that you won an award Me: it sure feels like a dream Him: guess you will be on some magazines and radio Me:yes I have an interview tomorrow with Jozi FM at 15:30 Him: that's good son..Khensi you sure did know how to pick your man his one of a kind Her: I will always remember that papa. Sara: so have you guys planned when will you announce the date of your wedding Me: about that I would love to remain with my surname I don't get this two surname thing Her: we also want our daughter to remain with ours remember you didn't pay any lobola for her Me: that's because you said you don't want it Him:like you have any relatives and please don't tell me about the Ledwabas they deserted you. They don't even look for you Me: why would they look for me when I can go back to them Sara:cause you better than them and you doing better without them. I stood up and went outside for fresh air this is what I hate about this family. ****** Purity Drinks were coming in the music was playing I was really enjoying myself for the first time on my birthday I managed to be happy I didn't know what is like to be happy on your birthday. The waiter came to our table and gave us a bottle moet. Me:oh no love we didn't order that Him:they guy with a black shirt asked me to give it to you. I looked at him and raised the glass to thank him he did the same too. Khukhu smiled at me Her:looks like we got ourselves a jackpot Me: I thought we came here to have fun Her: yes we having fun with the single guys who looking for fun Me:yoh Khukhu you such a kill joy Her:babes am horny so please don't be a cock blocker. I laughed at her the guy came to our table he looked very handsome with the beard nicely treamed and the caramel skin. Him: hey ladies my name is Edwin my friend and I would love to join you hope you don't mind Khukhu:no we don't mind Him:ohk let me go and call him will be right back. He went to get his friend and introduced him as Xoli this two look like the rich guys from North Cliff they got us another round as we shared jokes and Khukhu was all over Edwin. Xoli: let's give this two some space we can talk. I followed him outside it was starting to get a bit cold he directed me to his car. Him: you look pretty Me:thanks Xoli Him: do you mind if we take this party to my place I don't leave far from here Me:where do you stay Him: Maboneng Pricent Me: sure what about KhuKhu and your friend Him: don't mind the two they adults am sure they will find their way home. I didn't mind going with him besides am used to this kind of life going home with men who needed some good fun and I aim to please I don't dissapoint. We arrived at his apartment it looked good didn't have time to complement because he was all over me kissing me like his having his last meal and his such a bad kisser ******

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