Purity "Please help them am begging you let them go they did nothing wrong am begging you please" I woke up from this horrible dream with a painful lump on my throat and tears in my eyesthis marks 10 years since my family passed away if life had a huge eraser I would use it right away. I got off bed and stood by the window watching the rain fall and the building of the beautiful city Jo'burg. My phone rang and it was Shamiso I took a huge breath in before answering. Me: Hello Ma Her: Hello baby how are you? You have been scarce lately no phone call nothing. Me:Ndine hurombo kuti kwete anodana(am sorry for not calling) I have been busy with work. Her: I understand baby anyway happy birthday please smile more I know this day brings pain but my baby please smile and be happy. Me: thanks Ma will smile more I promise to come see you next week. Her: its alright child Zvakanaki(goodbye). Shamiso is a sister of Alfred Chirwa she took me in after his brother left me with her she became my legal guardian she took care of me she tried all that she could to fill the void of not having a mother she is an amazing women just like her name. Khukhu budged in my room without knocking singing I rolled my eyes she knows how much I hate her singing. Me: and you don't knock Khukhu Her: Neria even on your birthday you want me to knock Me: what if I was with someone and naked? Her: pshh girl that's nothing new. We both laughed and shared a hug as much as I want to be happy its hard to smile when your family died on your birthday. Her: here's your gift and I made breakfast for us come let's eat. I looked at the picture she gave me it was us when we were still teens it was meher.Hlompho and Sticks I remember this day well when we took the picture and it was the last day I saw Hlompho I have lost people I loved worse part was he promised to come back for us but he never did. ********* Khensi I looked around my office with a big smile on my face and the award on the divider its been a long time coming and am proud for what I have accomplished I never thought that one day I will pat my back and say weldone Khensi. I have an organization" Ray of Hope" its a development center where we help young girls and women with their self esteem

find jobs for them and send others to varsity a lot of them come from broken homes and giving them new hope its what I love. I was once a girl who had a low self esteem because of my weight and my looks I didn't see myself beautiful or attractive I battled weight loss I tried everything still nothing and the support from my family was not there they were busy focusing on their lives forgetting about me. The person who taught me to love myself was my boyfriend Hlompho my first and one true love. *********** Shane I watched her walking in my office wearing a short pink dress and white stilletos her curly wig was hard not to recognise and her smile I knew for sure there's something she wants. She came and sat ontop of my desk and smiled at she has been through a lot I can tell even though she doesn't trust me and I want to make her trust. Her eyes reminded me the first day we met at Eloff street she tried to pick pocket me I think it was her first time she kept on defending herself that she picked it up as attractive as she is I let it go I bought her food and gave her a job we do get the moments where she"pays" for my kindness as she always says but to me we making love. Me: you have been staring at me what's up? Her: can I get a night off its my birthday Me: happy birthday last night it was your night off so? Her: please Shane I need to celebrate with Khukhu Me: you can celebrate here with us Her: no there's no fun in that. I will call you if I need anything or you can pick me up later and will go by your place. She had her one leg on my croach rubbing it and she winked at me. Me: OK fine but you will sleep at your place am flying to Durban tonight. Her: you such a star love. ****** Hlompho Last night it was epic I drank until I couldn't drink no more my head was pounding hard we were celebrating my award of best actor. I act on the TV drama called Green pastures on Mzansi Magic this is my first award after appearing on so many drama series as an extra Isaac Baloyi saw my talent and took me in under his wing and for that I will be grateful. My phone has been ringing none stop I checked the caller I'd it was my manager Vuyo. Me: Vuyo boy Him: where are you ? You should be on set right now Me: am sick bro can I see you guys tomorrow Him: no you know that we all hangover but we here at work so please bring your ass now. Me: OK give me an hour then Him: sure thing. I took a shower and drove to the set in Auckland Park I first stopped at MuG and Bean for coffee then went straight to work it was quite guess they already shooting a scene I opened the door slowly when I heard people shouting surprise everyone came and gave me hugs they were happy for my award I didn't see this one coming. Vuyo: speech boy Me: shuu uhm thanks guy Him: come on Hloms you can do better Me: uhm thanks guys for the support thanks to my family the Baloyis and yeah to many more great scenes. Him: Yeah Yeah We took photos holding the awards drinks it was just an epic party until my girlfriend came and joined us.

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