It was one afternoon when I went back home running I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. I was crying cause of shame and the kids who were bullying and singing behind me I failed my maths test well I have never been good with numbers unlike my twin sister she has always been a genius they used her as an example of everything at school. I ran crying didn't care wether I fall or not aslong as I am home they wouldn't stop singing"umnyamani ka rose" when I got home I found my father Xolani Radu sitting under a peach tree reading his newspaper he asked me whats going on I told him what happened at school and how the kids are singing behind me worse my twin is the leader of the song. He looked at me with so much annoyance in his face he didn't feel sorry for me like any parent would instead he said"I will be dammed if I let you feel sorry for yourself Olwethu you must learn to fight for yourself if you can't use words learn to use your hands and legs fight my child fight"

from that day onwards I learnt how to fight I don't care who you are I fight with my uncle I fight with my grandmother and my twin sister Thando. I have lived all my life fighting am Thando slave I clean and cook for her while she is being a princess because of her beauty and intelligence. I am not an A student but an average one I am not beautiful am ugly no one loves me or cares about how I feel. This is my journey with My Twin Sister my name is Olwethu Radu am 17 years old. . . .

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Lolitha 2018-10-11 16:18:53

It hurts being compared

Gugu 2018-09-19 12:32:20

I am loving the introduction already

Precious Mako 2018-09-13 18:13:19

This was the best painful I have ever read, please write more chapters, I only read up-to 70 chapters and I started in the morning today and I am done and I can say I can get enough, please send other chapter as I am very obsessed with ur story. Thanks