Thando 🎶nami angazi nje Ngizwe ngento ithi gqhi Kwasho umdantso Shasi sgubo×2 Dab dab ndololwane🎶 We were singing along to the song Okmalume koolkat I was tipsy just need two more cans of Hunters extreme then am drunk. We were driving home Pule didn't drink since he was driving and Limpho has got a black out I don't know what was he thinking mixing weed and alcohol our clothes are very dirty man we had a blast people from Orange Farm know how to turn up hands down. We saw three police vans passing us the sirens were going crazy. Me:wonder where they going Him : they going the same direction as us will see when we get there. We carried on singing and laughing when we were approaching my house we saw the ambulance and the police cars Pule pulled up and I rushed to get in I couldn't believe my eyes Olwethu had blood all over her clothes she was crying

Banzi was in handcuffs and my dad was in a stratcher. I sobered up I felt dizzy and it was light outs of me. . . . Olwethu I couldn't believe what Banzi did for the life of me I wanted to take the gun and shoot him. I moved to my father's body and tried to stop the blood. One of the neighbours heard the gun shots and called for help. Banzi didn't run away he was passing up and down guess he wasn't sure wether to run or stay when help came he got arrested and I was taken to hospital for shock. I can't lose my father not like this. God has to save him I lost my mother I can't lose my dad. The police man came to ask me some few questions I wasn't ready to answer anything but if I have to put him behind bars then so be it. Him: Miss Radu am detective Tsotetsi and this is sergeant Cele we would like to ask you few questions care to fill us in. Me:its not a problem. I told them everything that happened. I hope Banzi rots in jail. . . . Vusi News travel fast in the township and the first person to tell me about the Radu saga was blondy looks like she is everywhere. I didn't waste time I drove straight to Nkanyezi hospital to see Olwethu I asked the reception to help me and I was told where she was. I ran to her ward and she was sitting on her bed rocking herself back and forth. Me: monkey When she saw me she jumped at me and I enveloped her in a hug as she let out sob. Me: am sorry babes hush don't cry. Her: he killed my father just cause he wanted to rape me. Me: am so sorry I wasn't there for you Her: I hate him so much I wish I have killed him I didn't know what else to say I just let her cry and take out the pain she feels. This girl has seen alot of things all her life . . . . Thando I can't believe my dad has been shot I don't even know what happened and I need to know the truth Makhulu was in the house with me she was cleaning the blood off. Me:makhulu what happened Her: Olwethu happened she shot your father Me:what? Her: you know how evil she is she wanted to kill Banzi then your dad took the bullet. Me:she doesn't know how to use a gun and who's gun is that Her: Xolani. my son is fighting for his life cause of that devil. It doesn't make sense how can Banzi be arrested when Olwethu is the one who pulled the trigger. If she did why was she taken to hospital instead of prison. I switched my phone on messages came floading in I listened to the voice messages from Olwethu means Banzi wanted to take advantage of her. She even left a voice note on whats app I listened to it was Banzi asking her to open the door. Makhulu also heard what her precious son said. Her:play that thing again I played it Her: thats not my son Me:who is then She didn't answer me. A knock came in it was the cops. . . .


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